Best NYC pools you must dip into this summer

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    There is no better way to beat the heat than taking a dip in one of many great pools in NYC. There are many fun and interesting public pools in NYC for you to choose from and to enjoy. Whether you have never been to NYC pool before. Or are planning to move to NYC, researching good pools is as important as researching moving companies in NYC to find a good one. Here are the best pools in NYC you can enjoy this summer.

    Hamilton Fish Pool is one of the best NYC pools

    This is one of the biggest and most popular pools in the city with its Olympic size. Interestingly, there is no deck furniture of any kind. But a lot of concrete surrounds the pool for you to lay down on a towel and stretch. Whether you are staying in NYC long-term or are planning to move away, this is one of the best pools in NYC to check out and enjoy. So before looking for movers from NYC to NJ to handle your move, go to the pool and enjoy yourself.

    Children swimming in a pool

    Astoria Pool

    With its Olympic size lanes, beautiful interior, and many interesting sights, this has always been a favorite pool of many people. So wherever you live or are moving to, like for example in Fort Lee. This pool is worth the trip to visit and to enjoy. So after your movers in Fort Lee NJ finish the move and you settle in, you should give this pool a try. Additionally, Astoria Pool offers many different swim programs:

    • Lessons for children
    • Lessons for adults
    • Senior water exercises

    Lyons Pool is one of the oldest NYC pools and is worth a visit

    This is Staten Island’s largest public pool. It is also one of the oldest NYC Pools. It was built in 1936 by the Works Progress Administration to create jobs during the great depression. The main pool can accommodate an impressive number of people, 2,800 people at a time. And it also has a separate diving pool. Visiting some of the best pools in NY is one of the fun family activities to try in NY. And Lyons Pool is one of the best ones to visit with the family.

    The Floating Pool

    When talking about NYC Pools, we can’t go without mentioning this one. This is a pool that is set on top of a movable barge and has seven lanes. And of course quite an amazing view. It is a very unique pool and a very fun one which your kids would enjoy a lot. The Floating Pool is certainly one of the must-visit pools in NYC. Early bird lap swim and learn to swim programs are also available.

    Person swimming in one of the NYC Pool

    Crotona Park Pool

    This huge pool in the Bronx is a great location to visit. It has a playground for little children too and it’s very family-friendly. There is also a lot of space to get a tan. And with plenty of greenery, it is a great location to enjoy. And one of the best NYC pools.