Storage unit features to look for when moving to NJ

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    It is time for another relocation and as you already know, you must create a moving plan, pack like a pro, and find the best movers NYC to transport you safely. But this time you are moving into a smaller place and you must rent a storage unit. Therefore, you need a guide and a bit of knowledge about the subject. Do not worry for a second because we will cover storage unit features with you and show you how and where to find the best one for you. Let’s go!

    Let’s find a perfect unit first

    Before we can focus on storage unit features we must locate a good one. And how to do it right? Simply browse the internet and compare prices and services until you find a good one. It sounds too easy, right? And it is because usually all those warehouses and storage unit facilities are tied to the moving companies and moving industry in general. So, you’ll find one either through your movers or you will search separately. But if you choose the second option, you must confirm it is a legit and highly-rated one.

    Storage unit with pink doors
    Find a perfect storage unit online and check all the features before you make a final decision.

    Therefore, communicate with your interstate movers NJ and provide them all the details about your moving cargo. Tell them how many items you are moving into the storage and how many items will go into your new home. Work on the moving logistics together and they will advise you which kind of storage facility is the best for you. But before they do, you should do some research on your own. Let’s cover the search parameters so you can be ready for this conversation.

    The basics

    Now, you surely have your requirements as well. But you must know about all the features out there because some might change your life for sure. So, let us begin with the unit size. As you probably know, there is a small, medium, and large unit. The small one can store a couple of boxes and pieces of furniture while a medium one can store the entire home. A large one, however, can store an entire family home including a vehicle. Hence, guided by your needs, you will choose this one yourself. Then, the next important feature is security.

    Some storage facilities have 24-hour surveillance with a guard on site which can be appealing to some customers. And finally, the most popular climate controlled storage NJ which is the best choice for all customers who want to keep their items intact for a longer period of time. We can also talk about the accessibility and location but this widely depends on the location of your home and we will cover this one more thoroughly below.

    Anyone can check on storage unit features but can you afford them?

    Ok, we mentioned the accessibility and location as good features of a storage unit. Yes, if you must drive for hours to reach your unit, that is not good. Also, if you can’t access it after working hours or over the weekend, again, not good. So, you must check your moving budget and your requirements and figure out if you have enough to rent a unit that you can access easily whenever you want and that is close enough to your new address.

    Size of the unit is one of the storage unit features
    You can use your unit as a second garage to keep all the mess out of your home.

    We are mentioning this because people use their storage units for all kinds of things. You can use it to store household items or have another garage, a workshop, a gym, or an extension to your work where your loyal commercial movers NYC will transport all your assets and office equipment. Therefore, if you intend on visiting your unit regularly, then you might want to search for this kind of feature in a unit. But remember, units close to the municipality center are a bit more expensive than those outside of a city.

    Make sure you have enough storage space

    Whatever you intend on using your unit for, just make sure you measure it right. You do not want to end up with a stuffed unit and still have items outside with no plan whatsoever. So, inspect your home thoroughly and set aside all those items you intend to store. Then go hunt for a unit and measure it right. You must be sure that all the furniture, boxes, and other household items can fit nicely without any damages. Also, you must leave enough place for you to move around and easily reach each item when needed. A shelving system will come in handy here as well as a piece of furniture that you can stack your boxes on. Remember to cover all the furniture to protect it from dust as well.

    Having a maintaining crew is one of the storage unit features

    Yes, it is one of the amazing storage unit features. But sadly, maintenance crews will clean only outside the unit. But when you think about it, you do not want anyone coming inside to touch your stuff. It is enough that they will keep the environment around the building clean and in a good shape to keep the pests and rodents away. But you must clean inside the unit. This part falls onto you.

    Three people cleaning
    The maintenance crew will clean on the outside. But you must clean your unit from the inside and you should do it regularly.

    Hence, if you are visiting a couple of times a week, a simple broom will do the trick. Keep scented baggies and air moisturizer inside and you are good to go. But if you are visiting once a month or so, then you must do a spring cleaning each time you visit. Let the breeze come in, get the dust off the items, and clean the floors thoroughly. Keep your unit clean and pests-free.

    Declutter and make it all easier

    To make it all a bit easier, you should declutter and downsize a bit. So, when packing for moving, set aside those items you do not need anymore and donate them when you can. Or you can simply throw them away or give them away to friends or neighbors. The good thing about it is that you’ll have fewer items to move overall. Fewer items to your new home and fewer to your unit. Not to mention that your relocation will be cheaper as well. Hence, find time to clean up a bit and get rid of unused items.

    Ok, now you know the main storage unit features you should aim for and how to find a good storage unit. All you need now is a bit of patience and focus to sit down and browse online to find one in the area. Hopefully, we helped enough for you to find one easily. Good luck.