Going Away Party Ideas and Tips

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    Relocating from one place to another is always an exciting thing in our lives. And there are few better ways to celebrate that than a going away party! Such parties are quite common and serve an important purpose. To give everyone a form of closure, in a fun and exciting way. So, before your professional movers come to take your belongings to your new home, a farewell party is in order! But what kind of party will it be? Well, this is up to your discretion, it can be anything that you like. If you are looking for some going away party ideas, however, then read further because we have just the thing!

    Going away party ideas and useful tips!

    You will need to accomplish several tasks if you want your party to be a smashing hit. And you most definitely do want that. The first thing to do is to carefully create the guest list. After that, you need to make sure that every one that is on it is invited, with plenty of notice. Make sure to have enough supplies for everyone and if you are doing gifting, it is always a good thing to nudge your friends in the right direction. So, to summarize, in order to have a successful going away party you will need to:

    • Create your guest list!
    • Going away party ideas – Send invitations well in advance!
    • Get enough snacks and refreshments
    • Ask your friends for useful gifts
    First, make a guest list!

    Create your guest list!

    Creating your guest list is not the same as creating your moving checklist! While this may sound to be a really easy task, simply put everyone that you know on the list and done! If you can honestly do so, I envy you. Most of the time, you do not really want to invite everyone that you know. It is a party, after all, and to be perfectly honest, some people are just not suited for parties. We all have friends that are comfortable at parties and others that are not so. The trick to creating a great guest list is to consider people’s inclinations. You want your party to be filled with mostly “extroverted” people. By this, I mean that people who thrive at parties are good for parties. They will create an air of “partying”, so to speak.

    The line of reasoning is this. If you have more people that are unwilling to “party” on their own then your party might be a boring affair. You need the rousers, the make-it-happen guys, and gals. Even if you did not really like them much, be sure to invite several. Of course, this is all assuming that you want a traditional party atmosphere. However, the reasoning is the same regardless of the type of party that you wish to have. Depending on the type, you invite people that propagate that type. Halloween party? Invite some goths, they are sure to show up everyone. Boardgame party? Invite board game enthusiasts. And so on.

    Going away party ideas – Send invitations well in advance!

    A party without people is a dull affair. And depending on the age of your friends, availability might or might not be a major concern. In any case, it is always good to give everyone ample time to adjust their schedules. By sending invitations well in advance, you will ensure that everyone at least has time to fit your party in their schedule. While you’re at it, make sure to hire your residential moving services in time, as well. If you send your invitations early enough, no one will be able to say that they can not come because of not knowing in time. And, trust me, that reason gets old really fast.

    Send all the invitations in advance, at least a week or two before the party.

    Get enough snacks and refreshments

    A party is not a party without sufficient food and drinks. While you don’t really need to create a people’s kitchen in your home, you do need to have enough for everyone. Avoid anything that can easily ruin your furniture, though. Stuff will get spilled, you can all but count on that. For that reason, it is best to have dry snacks and avoid anything that is overly runny. You can thank me later.

    As for the drinks, you can’t really get dry ones, it goes against their nature. The best thing you can do is have a dedicated place where you keep drinks. Use plastic containers as much as you can. While glass might be more beautiful, glasses will get dropped and they will fall from heights. The last thing you want is to have glass shattering all over the place.

    Ask your friends for useful gifts

    If you are doing a party that has your friends bringing gifts, be a little proactive and let your friends know what will be useful. There are always things that we need but forget to buy somehow. Also, there may be items that you will need for the party itself. Tell your friends to bring them! It is always difficult to bring useful gifts, without much information on what the host deems useful. You will be doing your friends a huge favor by letting them off the proverbial hook and telling them what is it that you actually need.

    Let your friends know what kind of gift you would love to get!

    Going away party ideas – Party theme!

    You might want to consider giving your party a theme. A themed party is something that everyone needs to work to accomplish, though. It all depends on your friends who will be there. Will they be comfortable sticking to a theme or not? Only you know that. With that in mind, you can select a theme that will suit your circle of friends. Here are some suggestions:

    • Destination parties
    • Bon voyage parties
    • Packing parties

    Of particular note are packing parties. These parties will have your friends help you with packing stuff and get some rewards while doing so. It can all be extremely fun, depending on the challenges involved. Of course, you will need to pack everything that is sensitive or essential or hire professionals and get their packing services, as packing parties can go either way. Drinking and doing anything is a liability, after all. But, it will provide you and your friends with great closure!