Priceless Tips for Moving Your Valuables

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    Moving is hard and tiresome, not to mention that you must move all your possessions. Your furniture and everyday items are wearing down when you move them. It is important to protect them adequately and maintain the original glow. Especially if you have unique pieces or highly valuable items. Therefore, we bring you a guide on how to behave and prepare when moving your valuables.

    Be sure to find a reliable moving company

    You should spare some time and focus on finding a moving company that you can trust. It is imperative to a successful and damage-free moving process. Hence, take this part seriously and be sure that you made the right choice. Choose the time when you are focused and relaxed and sit down, go online, and begin your search. Browse the top choices you find, and you’ll see that a well-balanced moving company is somewhere in the middle. You want to look for a good comparison between the price and the service they offer. Remember, there is no perfect service at the cheapest price on the market. Therefore, pick a few of the companies and give them a closer look. It does not matter if you are looking for local movers or for an interstate moving company, criteria and process is the same.

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    Settle down with the moving company you can trust.

    Narrow down your search then compare prices and services your movers offer. Once you have found what you have been looking for, give them a call. Ask if they have the means to relocate you and all other relevant questions. Do not forget to ask if they are licensed, how they provide moving estimates, and what is the payment method.

    Research a bit further

    You want to be sure that you made the right choice and that you are avoiding moving scams. You should be proactive and take your search a step further. Visit their blog or a website and read comments from previous customers. It might give you insight into how they treat their customers. Check if your movers are members of the International Movers Association. Check if they have a physical address with a contact number. Give them a call and pay them a visit if you have time. Ask all the questions you need answering. Take a look at their facilities.

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    Check ratings and compare movers. You want only the best movers to assist you with your relocation.

    This might calm you down and bring some assurance. Although, if you are still doubtful after all those steps taken, consider if you should do it all yourself. Compare DIY move vs. hiring movers and figure out what is best for you. Most important is that you check all your options before purchasing a service and signing a moving contract.

    Good preparation is the key when moving your valuables

    The most delicate step when moving your valuables is the packing process. There are essential packing supplies you should know of. There are more expensive higher quality ones as well. We will make a list and you pick what is best for you. Make a moving checklist and list down all the supplies you need. Run down to the nearest hardware store to obtain them. Here are the essentials you might need:

    • Moving boxes – Cardboard moving box is essential to each relocation. Find them in many sizes but be sure to pick the medium-sized ones as they are mostly utilized. You will need at least a dozen, and you can buy them via the internet, or at a hardware/grocery store. Use smaller boxes for heavier and fragile items, and big boxes for pillows and other robust items.
    • Packing paper – Used to wrap individual items. You can also use items you already have. Such as old magazines, newspapers, sheets, cloth, rags, etc.
    Woman holding box
    Cardboard moving boxes are essential to each relocation.
    • Packing tapes – Tape is used to seal your moving box tight. Do not buy any tape but ask if it is an industrial tape. They are much stronger and build for the purpose to withstand higher pressure.
    • Labels – It is important to mark your boxes somehow. Use a dark marker and a label. Put a label on each box and mark it with content inside. This will raise awareness of the content inside and make your unpacking easier.
    • Cutter – All those boxes, tapes, and papers need cutting. Therefore, use a knife or scissors for this purpose. But keep them out of children’s reach.

    Pack right when moving your valuables, use higher quality materials!

    • Blister pack – The most useful packing material among the more expensive ones. We highly recommend utilizing this great protector of all your valuables. Use it to wrap objects or to fill in the gaps in the moving box.
    • Packing peanuts – This is an extra layer of protection and it is extremely easy to use. Put peanuts on the bottom of the box, place your items and pour the rest over. Your valuables are tucked in and ready to go.
    • Styrofoam – It is almost the same as the blister pack. It is used to make the insides of the box soft and cushy. Your items are cradled in.
    • Foam edge protection- Foam guards are simple to use. You can strengthen the corners of your box, shielding it from bumps and bruises. Greatly used for mirrors and paintings.
    •  Plastic bins – Next to the cardboard box, you can use plastic bins as well. They are a long term investment since they can be re-used indefinitely. Although, if you want to save money on your relocation, you might want to skip this one. But keep in mind they exist and they are an amazing tool for keeping your items stored safely.

    Think about the moving insurance

    We are sure that you will protect everything when moving your valuables. All your items are secured by using the proper packing materials. Also, you’ll protect yourself with proper gear and have a first aid kit available in case of moving mishap. But sometimes, due to lack of focus or unfortunate events, you can end up wit ha broken piece of furniture. To mitigate the damage, consider purchasing moving insurance. Most of the companies offer an insurance package. Some companies offer partial coverage, and others will simply refuse to transport high-value items. Communicate this with your movers to check out what is available to you. But if you wish to purchase full coverage, contact one of the insurance companies and take it from there.

    Now you know the most valuable tips for moving your valuables. You can do it all yourself. But do not forget that you have all sorts of means available to protect yourself and your items. Maybe to hire an expert antique movers team would be cheaper and safer. It is up to you entirely. You have the knowledge now, use it wisely. Good luck with your moving preparations!