How to arrange your new home using antiques

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    No doubt, incorporating old pieces into the décor of your home will bring with it a timeless charm. Therefore there is no reason your old furniture, collections, and art pieces should collect dust locked in the basement or an attic. They should be proudly displayed because they represent the family’s history, as most of them are passed on from one generation to another. And every one of them tells a deeply personal story, which makes them priceless. However, it can be difficult to mix them up with other, more modern items. So if you just randomly put them together, it can look tacky. Moving companies NYC have noticed that this is something a lot of clients struggle with. To help you, here are a few tips on how best to arrange your new home using antiques.

    Arrange your new home using antiques by mixing the styles

    For a modern look, it is better to mix up styles and different eras. Otherwise, if you group everything that looks similar, you will end up with a home that looks like a museum. So if you relocated with moving company Bronx NY into a new modern looking home, do not be afraid to experiment. Also, it will breathe life into an old piece that would otherwise just be overlooked in a room full of vintage stuff. So one way to arrange your new home using antiques is to mix it around until you feel you hit the right look. For nothing looks better than an old black and white movie poster in a modern frame. Likewise, all your favorite family heirlooms will pop up and be properly displayed in a modern setting.

    old chest of drawers, and the floor next to it MacBook and magazines
    Instead of grouping all the antiques, mixing them up with modern items will make them pop up in a unique way

    Properly decorate your home with antiques by putting them out of context

    If you want your favorite antique piece to be visually stunning, one way to pull the visitor’s eye toward it is to put it out of context. For example, when you moved, you realized that your old closet chest of drawers can not fit into your new and smaller bedroom. One way to solve this is to ask your residential movers to put it in the kitchen or living room. It will most definitely give a new look to an otherwise common-looking space. Thus always look for new ways to breathe a breath of new life into the room by incorporating an older piece. Because when they are stan without context into a modern design, they are fully on display.

    Make your home shine with antique lamps

    Throughout history, the focal point of all beautiful homes were chandeliers. They were proudly hanging in the middle of the foyer or a living room and made everything look brighter. Unfortunately, they can be difficult to relocate, especially if you are moving long distance. But they are worth the trouble because they will make your home stand out in a unique way. And if you are thinking about buying one, they are a bit expensive but worth every penny. Likewise, you can use antique lamps to decorate your home. Because nothing will look more stunning than a wall lamp from the turn of the century. However, for a stunning look, do not use regular light bulbs. Because all the details will disappear. Instead, use small led bulbs. Their light is gentler, and all the features come up more clearly.

    a pair of chandeliers over table and chairs
    Decorating your new home with vintage chandeliers will bring a softer shine

    To seamlessly include antiques into home décor do not forget about the floors

    One of the easiest ways to introduce antiques into your modern home is to use rugs. Usually, floors are overlooked, and their potential is not fully realized. So if you do not have a large budget for expansive lamps or paintings, spice up your home with rugs. They will draw attention and bring a different feel to it. Likewise, nothing makes space look more comfortable than a thick carpet. Also, they are a lot cheaper than putting in hardwood. However, when choosing a rug for your home, do not go for the cheapest one. Because as time passes, they will wear and tear from constant use. It is better to spend a bit more money on the ones made from quality materials as they will last longer.

    Incorporate renovated antique furniture into the decor of your new home

    There is nothing as satisfying as renovating old furniture. And there is an abundance of interesting pieces on the internet and flea markets just waiting to be found. Usually, they look worn and are missing that new shine. But they are much cheaper to buy, and you can stumble onto some amazing furniture. It might take you a bit of time to find a good and trustworthy renovator, but it will pay off. Because with the right person, your furniture will look like new. However, before you recycle them, think carefully about what materials and colors will fit your home best. And accordingly, make choices that will enhance the overall look of the interior.

    a small table with cups on it

    The most affordable way to arrange your new home using antiques is to restore old and worn pieces

    The best way to arrange your new home using antiques is to experiment

    Arrange your new home using antiques by doing what feels right. Do not be afraid to experiment and change things up until you hit the perfect mix. Because a proper way to display your vintage pieces is to combine them with modern ones. So hit the flea markets of New York, and do not hesitate to buy whatever catches your eye. With a good renovator, you will end up with a beautiful piece for an affordable price. Also, do not forget to spice up your floors and ceilings with antiques. For they will bring light and coziness to your home and create that perfect combination of old and new.