How to mentally prepare for a move?

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    Every move is faithfully accompanied by a rollercoaster of emotions. Excitement, fear, and stress mix to create an overwhelm. Here is the prospect of a brighter future, a better lifestyle, and exciting new events. Yet, moving means that you’re leaving the familiarity of your current home and going into the unknown. It’s trading off a place full of memories, for a new one that likely has none. You’ll have to come to terms with all this, and moreover, do some serious legwork to see the moving project through. As one of the best movers NYC we understand the challenges you’re facing perfectly well. And based on our experiences, we have some expert tips that will help you to mentally prepare for a move and lift your spirits up. Check them out below.

    Organize your moving project, to mentally prepare for a move

    First thing first, make a point to keep the stress levels low throughout the process itself. Although you might be feeling a tad bit down just thinking about the move, it’s good to focus on the pragmatic side. Once you’ve sorted out the logistics part, you’ll feel less uncertainty. This is great alleviation for your emotional self. So, find and hire expert Queens movers as soon as you know you’ll be moving. With pros by your side, your moving project will go smoothly, causing you less stress and anxiety. Moving is about planning, sorting, and managing things. To mentally prepare for a move, means to have a good plan, to begin with. You can benefit from the guidance of a professional mover, to create an effective outline of your moving project. Like so, you’ll ensure fewer unexpected situations coming along the way, and have peace of mind.

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    Sort out the logistics of your move first thing, and rely on pro assistance, to ensure a stressless moving project

    Create a moving checklist

    Make a to-do list, and mark the important steps you need to take care of. This is not only going to help you visualize the entire process, but it will prevent you from forgetting things and combat procrastination successfully. Being disorganized when moving means inviting a lot of unnecessary stress and hassle in your life. Hence, a checklist is a proven strategy to mentally prepare for a move, and make it easy on your nervous system.

    Set up your packing schedule

    With moving, you’ll be starting a new chapter in your life. With this in mind, start decluttering your home and get rid of junk and anything that you don’t use. After this, it’s time to think about packing. This is generally the most tedious part of any moving project. You can enlist pro packing services for the best results. Your mover will offer you this option in a package along with the logistics of your move, and it’s a great way to save money, ensure peace of mind and focus on the adventures that await you. Running around collecting packing supplies and pondering about the safe packing of your items can be nerve-wracking. However, if you decide to throw a packing party on your own, ensure you create a weekly schedule, and rather pack your things in several waves. Start early on, like two months before your move.

    A man next to a cardboard box
    Take expert assistance for the packing of your belongings, and dedicate your time to learning about your new place

    Figure out a storage solution for your excess items

    Often, when people move, they aren’t able to transfer all of their possessions at one go. Once you have a clear picture of what are you moving with you, think of your best options for storage solutions. Relying on your pro mover, in this case, is your best bet. Asking friends and relatives to keep your stuff is of course one way to go about it. However, it can cause certain discomfort on both sides. So, if you have items you need to keep, entrust them to your pros for safekeeping. And with this, you have all the main areas of your move covered on the practical side. Now you’re all set to mentally prepare for a move and set up your future goals and plans with a better focus and time to do research.

    Get to know your new place, to mentally prepare for a move

    Moving to a different city or a new country comes with many challenges. If you take care of the practical aspects of your moving project, as we’ve mentioned above, you’ll have a lot less to worry about. With the right mover by your side, all you need to do now is dedicate yourself to prepare your emotions for the move. The fear of the unknown is a strong emotion, that may lead you to emotional exhaustion. If you are to minimize its adverse impact on your mood, you need to arm yourself with as much information as you can. If you have a mental picture of your new environment, and if you know what to expect from it, you’ll feel excited and motivated, rather than blue and nostalgic. Take the lead from the following few points, on what to look into when you research your new place:

    • Find out more about the cost of living, and picture the work-life balance you can expect
    • Accommodation – what are the best neighborhoods to live in and why? Are the furniture and bills included when you rent? What is the housing market like, is real estate affordable?
    • Utilities – what are the best-rated providers, that offer the best value for their services? Find out what kind of internet plans are there on offer, for example, and which one suits you best.
    • Transportation – how will you commute? What is public transport like, is it safe and punctual? Will you need a car?
    • Learn as much as you can about the local culture – what are the locals like? Is there an established ex-pat community? This will help you to mentally prepare for a move, without questioning your abilities to make new friends.
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    Research and visualization will help you mentally prepare for a move

    Set a date for visiting back home

    Exploring and organizing your new life accordingly will keep you busy and it will turn stress into a feeling of productivity and progressiveness. To know what to expect is setting yourself up for success. However, this won’t magically wipe up the lingering nostalgia that twirls around your exciting endeavors. To give yourself a sense of reassurance, pick up your calendar and make a plan for a visiting trip back home. You can pick a date at least six months after your move to your new home. Or, depending on the distance, you may pay a visit even earlier. This will surely help you feel less exasperated about leaving your home and friends behind.

    Finally, follow our tips on how to mentally prepare for a move, and rest assured that you’ll enjoy a smooth and untroubled experience. Good luck.