How to choose between Manhattan and Bronx office space

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    Do you have a great idea for a startup? Are you planning to open up your own business? If yes, then it’s time to get settled and find a suitable office space for your new company. If you are living in New York City or you are planning to move there with full service movers NYC, you need to pick one location among many of them. As you might know, New York City is a place full of opportunities, amazing opportunities for business. However, you need to choose a good location in order to help your business flourish. Most people would opt for Manhattan but you have other choices as well. For this reason, here is how to choose between Manhattan and Bronx office space. 

    Choose between Manhattan and Bronx office space according to the size 

    First of all, when you need to find an office space, you should consider its size. The general rule would be to have at least 100 square feet per team member. This means your office can be either on the bigger side or not depending on the number of your employees. Usually, if you are a startup, you will have a fewer number of employees. It is important not to overspend money at the beginning. Most people would go and rent bigger office space than they actually need. This is not a good tactic since your budget might not be able to handle it. Renting the office is not the only expense that you need to think about. You also need to hire commercial movers Manhattan, buy all the equipment, furniture, etc. It would be cheaper to rent in Brox if you are on a tight budget. 

    empty office space
    Find an office that is neither too big nor too small

    All the expenses 

    As mentioned before, rent is not the only thing you should be worried about. Here are all the hidden or usually forgotten expenses you should keep in mind. 

    • Heating and cooling 
    • Bills such as electricity, water, gas, internet 
    • Internet and phone bills 
    • Cleaning and maintenance 

    Without a doubt, Manhattan is more expensive than Brox. This does not refer only to the rent, even the bills and other expenses are more costly. On the other side, Manhattan might be better for business, since it is the financial and business center of NYC after all. You need to make connections and have a stable market in order to succeed. You might have better chances to grow your company in Manhattan but competition is stronger as well. Brox is also a good choice, with a big market and less competition so find local movers Bronx to help with your office relocation. 

    Choose between Manhattan and Bronx office space according to interior and exterior 

    When you are looking for an office, you should find something that has potential. You should not look at the current interior decoration since you can easily change it once you lease or even buy the place. Rather, you should pay attention to the construction and see if everything is stable and sustainable. You do not want to find pests’ infestation, bad pipes, weak construction, etc. These problems can be quite expensive to fix so make sure to check everything. As for interior design, you should find a style that will make your employees feel comfortable and enjoy coming to work. In addition to this, you should pay attention to the exterior as well. It is important to stand out among so many other companies, especially in NYC. Moving your office long distance should pay off so make your office stand out.

    choose between Manhattan and Bronx office space when looking at buildings
    Manhattan is more expensive than the Bronx

    Taxes and Flexibility 

    There should not be any major difference between taxes when it comes to Bronx and Manhattan. However, you might be responsible for paying property taxes. You need to check this and make arrangements with your landlord before signing any contract. Usually, the landlord should pay the property taxes for the first year and then you take over. If your office is bigger, you will also pay higher taxes. In addition to this, you should think well in the future. See if the office space you plan to rent has a conference room or not. Are you going to use it or not? If you plan to have meetings, as everyone should, you need to have a suitable place. Usually, a conference room would be perfect but if you can’t find a place within your budget, then, you need to find a solution. That would be a slightly larger office space. 

    Choose between Manhattan and Bronx office space according to neighborhoods 

    The most important thing would be the location of course. Since you are considering either Manhattan or Bronx, you should focus on neighborhoods. Here are some things you should think about. See what you want to get from the area. Is it easily accessible? If you are going to work with people, they should not struggle a lot to reach your office. Luckily, almost every part of NYC has many bus stops and subway stations. For Manhattan, you should consider SoHo, Greenwich Village, Flatiron, Tribeca, Gramercy, and Financial District. As for the Bronx, Country Club, Kingsbridge, Morris Park, Riverdale, and Woodlawn would be best. When you go to search for office space, you need to pay attention to everything. The price is not the most important aspect even though people are usually concerned about their budget. Look for potential. 

    cars on the bridge
    Choosing between Manhattan and Bronx office space can be difficult since they both have great neighborhoods for business.

    What to do? 

    Both locations have advantages and disadvantages. Which one you will choose will depend on your budget and personal preferences. If you need to choose between Manhattan and Bronx office space, pay attention to all the details. Manhattan is a very popular place for business but it also comes with fierce competition. On the other hand, the Bronx is more affordable but it has fewer business options. The location might be one of the important factors but you can still succeed if you work hard and have a great idea. So, make a decision based on the market demands.