How to deal with international shipping delays

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    Shipping industry is constantly growing. It is one of those industries that touch a vast majority of others. That is why they are unlikely to stop growing any time soon. The ever-growing options regarding online purchasing have basically cemented this shipping industry as a top tier industry, meaning that international movers New Jersey, for instance, offers are going to have more and more work to do. However, no matter the level of professionalism and stability of a system, sometimes things happen and shipments get delayed. Just remember when Ever Given blocked the Suez canal a few months back and slowed down many shipping companies so much that it will take months to get back ahead of schedule now. So, how to deal with international shipping delays?

    Let’s first talk about why the shipping delays happen at all

    In order to deal with international shipping delays, it is helpful to understand why they actually happen at all. By understanding the potential causes for delays, you can make clearer choices regarding shipping.

    a storm
    Sometimes, it is no one’s fault and due to a storm there is a delay out of nowhere

    Here are some potential reasons for delays: 

    • Unexpected problems with the weather – Things such as blizzards or storms, sometimes even when the experts notice them on time can be a really big nightmare and cause serious shipping delays. 
    • Let’s not forget the possibility of human error – One of the most common reasons for shipping delays are the people working in the shipping industry. Due to such large quantities of many different types of data, mistakes happen. It is enough for just one piece of paper to get lost and things can get really complicated. 
    • Customs delays –  Customs delays are another classic type of delay. This one often happens due to nobody’s mistake in particular. Sometimes the sheer amount of shipments coming through can be insurmountable. Sometimes, of course, there are actual problems such as specific regulations regarding different types of wares. 
    • Not enough coordination or overload of shipping routes – These are the usual factors that are omnipresent throughout the industry. 

    So, what are the ways you can deal with international shipping delays?

    Depending on what it is you do, shipments can influence you in more than one way. But there are several practically universal ways to deal with them, so let us begin. 

    You need to given proper notice to your customers

    If people are counting on you to provide a certain service, you need to let them know about the situation. Contact them by any means necessary. If you have clients that you do interact with on a regular basis, let them know directly. For those that you do not communicate with regularly, you can notify them through email. Also, you can and should use social networks even if they are a standard in your industry. 

    One of the key ways to deal with international shipping delays
    You must notify the people counting on you that the shipment is delayed

    Provide the customers with solutions to the problem

    You do not want to just simply notify your customers of the occurring delay. You should also prepare some sort of solution for mending the problems caused by the delay. While this is not your fault, you can turn it into an opportunity. By handling it professionally and even getting out of your way to make amends with your customers, you may end up making a lasting impression of a dependable partner such as international shipping companies in New York are. 

    The ways to do this include things such as providing some discounts, for example. You can also offer them free shipping. While this can be a financial setback at the time, it can be a positive thing in the long run. Since reputation in the modern business world is really important, this can be a huge boost for future projects.

    Work on finding alternate suppliers

    There are many companies providing shipping. Not all of them are worth the time and money of your customers, nor yours as well. Of course, some shipping companies may not be working for you for some reason even if they are competent and dependable. What you can do is to try and find domestic suppliers. This can reduce the shipping time a little bit because they can use the shipment equipment from their homes. This can be a great way to permanently lower the shipping delays in the future. In other words, you would be handling it beforehand in order to avoid having to handle it for real. Also, provide the customers with the option to track the shipments with the best track-shipment tools

    Pro tip – Make sure the shipments are packed as best as possible

    One of the most important tips we can give you on how to deal with international shipping delays is to make sure they are safe beforehand. Packing the shipment, whatever it may be, is one of the most sensitive parts of a move. It needs to be done with special care because risking it getting damaged defeats the point. That is why you need to plan this part of the move carefully. You can start by getting quality packing supplies such as moving boxes NYC. Depending on the item, you are going to need specific types of additional moving supplies and varying quantities. 

    fragile sign
    Preparing the shipment for safe transport is a great way to avoid problems when delays happen.

    If you are not sure how to handle the packing procedure, you can always hire professionals to do it for you. For instance, hiring one of the quality international movers New Jersey offers is never a bad idea. Moving companies are there for one reason and one reason only – to help transport the items of your choice. By having them help out with this, whatever you may be shipping will have a much greater chance of staying safe and in one piece. Overall, having professionals handle such tasks for you is the best possible choice. The level of utility raises the further you are shipping.