Tips for young artists moving from Bergen County to Brooklyn

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    You decided on moving to Brooklyn and as you already know, there is quite an adventure ahead. You must work on your moving logistics, pack safely, and find the best movers NYC to relocate your belongings. All those tasks will take some time, patience, and money. Therefore, we will help you prepare and create a personalized guide you can follow until the end. Let us talk about young artists moving from Bergen County to Brooklyn and how they should do it right. Let’s go!

    Let’s make a personalized guide for young artists moving from Bergen County to Brooklyn

    As young artists moving from Bergen County to Brooklyn, you must create a good relocation plan if you want all your items to reach the destination safely. Assuming you have some artwork and equipment with you which makes packing even more important. So, start with a thorough home inspection where you must note down all your belongings and furniture. Include all the artwork pieces and other miscellaneous items tied to your work as well. Figure out what is fragile and delicate for moving and make special notes about it. Then, you must inspect the environment as well to confirm it is safe to let your movers move through it. And finally, after you make an inventory list, you can start working on the number of packing materials required and your budget.

    a person writing on a paper
    Write all moving-related tasks on your moving checklist. Create a personalized relocation guide and use it as a reminder until the end.

    Now when you have the basic info on your hands, you can call your Brooklyn movers and provide the info you gathered. With your input movers will create a better moving plan and make it more efficient and less time-consuming. Moreover, your move will be much more affordable and safer. Communicate the details further and do not forget to mention you have a few delicate pieces with you so movers can engage their artwork moving team if necessary.

    Moving company and how to find one

    At least half of the whole moving project is tied to the moving company. And you must invest some time and patience if you want to find one of the moving companies Bergen County NJ. Moreover, one you can trust with your cargo and at the same time, one with affordable prices and all safety standards in place. Therefore, go online and browse a bit. Do not choose the first one you find but simply compare them across the board. Compare prices, read reviews, and check the services they offer. You want to pay attention to their website logo, physical address, and contact info.

    young artists moving from Bergen County to Brooklyn should hire a moving company to assist them
    Search for your movers online and find the most suitable company. Let them provide professional moving assistance and relocate you safely.

    Also, check if they are licensed and if they possess all the tools to relocate you and your belongings safely. So, as soon as you find a match, give them a call and ask all those questions. Once they confirm they are legit and with all the requirements in place, then you can move forward and check the moving services they offer.

    Inspect your movers and secure your investment

    Now, with all the valuable art and equipment you are moving, you want to make sure everything is legit and safe. And to do that, you must inspect your movers a bit more thoroughly. Let’s say, you must dig deep enough to ensure your movers are legit and that there won’t be any surprises in the end. So, check out the following and make sure you take these steps when inspecting movers:

    • Call your movers and ask them if you can pay them a visit to inspect their business. A legit moving company shouldn’t mind it at all.
    • Check if your movers are registered online on one of the official moving websites. A good source is the US Movers Association, the Better Business Bureau, and FMCSA.
    • Read social media groups related to the moving industry. Bad news travels fast and if your movers are flagged, you will find bad reviews and comments in no time.

    As you can see, with a few simple steps, you can confirm if your movers are scammers or a legit and reliable company. Take an hour of your time and do your research.

    Packing for moving from Suffern to Haverstraw

    Young artists moving from Bergen County to Brooklyn should pay special attention to the packing process. Firstly, you must gather all the required materials. You’ll need carton moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, labels, and a few corner pads. Cardboard can be used in many ways. It is the primary moving material and you can wrap your furniture and artwork in it. Also, you will use standard cardboard moving boxes for all other belongings. Bubble wrap is the best cushion for your boxes and you can also wrap fragile pieces to protect against damages. Use corner pads for picture frames and delicate art pieces. And finally, better-quality packing tape will hold all your boxes together. In the end, label everything nicely to make your unpacking process easier. More importantly, to raise awareness of the fragile content your movers are carrying.

    a tired woman resting on the moving box
    Packing is boring but you must do it right. Use your materials wisely and pack safely.

    But if you want to skip the entire packing endeavor, talk to your moving representative and see if they offer packing services NYC. Most moving companies do, and it can be a great helper in this situation. Hence, check their offer and compare it to your budget. You can probably afford this service and use your precious time for something else. Besides, who will pack your items better than a professional moving company?

    Do not forget the onsite estimate

    The best and the easiest way to realize the complexity of the move and to calculate your budget is to utilize onsite estimates. Ask your movers to pay you a visit and evaluate the whole deal so they can provide a precise moving quote. After they take all the measures, weigh your cargo, and establish a safe loading dock, they will calculate the time invested and the working hours as well. Then you’ll be presented with the precise moving estimates and from that moment you can work on your budget. Also, this is the moment to figure out if you want to add additional moving services or do some things yourself to cut costs.

    A final tip for young artists moving from Bergen County to Brooklyn

    A final tip of the day is tied to your boring legalities, documents, and paperwork. But you must do it at some point. So, as soon as you figure out you are moving, check out your personal ID, driver’s license, medical records, credit cards, school papers, etc. Also, check all your services like cellphone, internet, and mailing. You want to set up a PO box as soon as you can and reroute your mail adequately. And keep in mind that some documents and hard copies take a longer time to get processed. More so if you are moving to another country. So, cover this task gradually and over time and you’ll be ready by your moving day.

    Hopefully, we provided enough info for young artists moving from Bergen County to Brooklyn. Now you should be able to organize yourself, find a moving company, and pack like a pro. Just invest a bit more into the safety of the whole project and you’ll be fine. This means you should focus on a good moving company. If you find one, everything else will be much easier. Good luck.