How to downsize your home before moving

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    We move a lot as a nation. A lot of us have actually relocated few, or even a dozen times by now. That is a good thing! This means that we/you are proactive at seeking happiness and productivity. However, when you are moving, while it is a positive progression, it doesn’t always seem that way. Often times it will so happen that you are actually moving from a bigger place to a smaller one. That is not a downgrade. Living in cozy places has its advantages. However, that also means that you will have to do something in order to make sure that you can actually fit all of your possessions in your new home. Therefore, let us help you downsize your home before moving!

    The first step in having to downsize your home before moving – review

    The biggest challenge with these kinds of projects is to actually get started. You only have so many days before your choice among international shipping companies in New York gets ready, and you need to make sure that you have an appropriate amount of possessions at your hand by then.

    There are advantages to jobs that require most efforts at the beginning, however. They get easier over time. That is exactly true for when you wish to downsize your home before moving. The biggest and toughest part is to finally find time to sit and plan. However, once you do start, you will find it much easier to keep the tempo and proceed with, and according to, the plan.

    downsize your home before moving - a checklist
    Get a checklist in order to get a hold of your downsizing!

    So, let’s make a plan! The first thing you need to do is make a review of what items you have in your possessions. Taking an inventory… The best tool for this is and was a humble paper checklist. There is something in writing things down that helps most people remember and visualize the list easier. That is, however, a thing of preference.

    Be it that you are using this method or some other one, the result should still be the same. A list with all of your items categorized in a certain order. What will that order be and what are the categories? Well, that is completely left to you. The categories in question could be the size, weight, or the location and usage of the items and anything in between. It matters not. What does matter, however, is to make some kind of categorization. That way you will be able to control the process in order to downsize your home before moving as easily as possible.

    Biggest and heaviest of items

    Once you have all of the items you are going to give in to the trusted hands of your residential or office movers NYC, it is time to see what of the items are ready to be downsized, and what will remain with you.

    You should begin with the biggest of items as they take up the most room and will, therefore, be the most expensive ones to move and the hardest one to fit. In order to make sure that you downsize as least as possible, start from the biggest item and then work your way down.

    Smaller possessions

    Unlike furniture that you might need to downsize and leave at the climate controlled storage NJ, smaller possessions usually should not go into consideration when you try to downsize your home before moving. After all, the point of downsizing is that you move as little as possible, but in weight and size – not a number. That means that things like laptops and phones are not very relevant to the whole downsizing deal.

    A laptop and a phone
    Small items such as electronics should be kept!

    However, if you are already downsizing, why not consider these too? Maybe it is time to get rid of old electronics and make way for something new? As we said, with planning, everything gets easier. Therefore, with a list of all the items you have, it will be a lot easier to pick and choose what should stay and what should go.

    Consider renting a storage unit

    There is no reason as to why you’re downsizing your home before moving needs to mean that you are ridding of your items forever. Why not pack and move electronics to the storage, for example? Storage facilities are a great way to utilize a space for all the things we simply do not have the room back home. Things like seasonal clothing, sports equipment, electronics, etc. Pretty much anything can be stored in storage (as long it is not alive, hazardous, or exceedingly valuable) meaning that you can downsize your home without downsizing what you own.

    If you are new to storages, here are some types of storages you should know exist.

    • Outdoor storage. A storage facility where storage units are accessible kinda like in a parking lot. You can literary drive out your car and leave the things at the storage when downsizing your home before moving. Outdoor storages are very convenient
    • Indoor storage. Same units yet different access. These storages are definitely better if there is some tough climate around!
    • Climate controlled storage. Storages that provide a climatized environment are great for fighting of pest and mold!
    • Specialized storages. All types of storages that specialize in wine, car, etc. Look those up by asking the storage provider!

    What to do with the things you are going to discard?

    For some items, unfortunately, packing and storing is not an option. They have reached the end of their service. You can do several things. Eather sell them or donate them if they are usable.

    re-use sign
    Try to recycle!

    If they are no longer working (or are not usable) try to recycle them. That way you are doing your part in the fight against global warming.

    In summary

    When you are trying to downsize your home before moving, it is important to stay organized. Once you have a list going, it is actually going to get a little bit of fun. After that, it is all about picking out the options on the table!