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    Movers are companies that possess the capability to relocate somebody whole life from one place to another. In a nation that moves as much as ours, such a service is sure to be appreciated. Therefore, you would think that there is no real boundary to what movers can move. However, that is not the case. There are possessions that movers will, in most cases, not relocate. At least not without additional fees. These items vary from those obvious and rather rare, to those which are common and might not seem to be a problem at first. Therefore, in order to avoid any kind of misunderstanding that might occur between you and your movers, especially so on a moving day with a nasty surprise, we will provide you with this concise summary of items movers will not move.

    What are items movers will not move – first off, anything alive

    So, let’s begin with one of the more obvious possesions movers will not move – anything that is alive. Into the moving truck or a climate controlled storage NJ can go a lot of things. Furniture, sports equipment, old instruments, and fine clothes. However, you will never find a mover that will nonchalantly put a dog or a cat in a truck and then just move it like they are a box.

    Of course, that is a good thing. Dogs, cats, and other animals are by no means meant to be moved in a cramped, dark box on wheels with other inanimate objects. This could seriously jeopardize their health, especially so on a long-distance move.

    It is the goal of every mover not to damage anything that they are moving. In order to achieve this, they use a wide array of skills and tools in moving the heaviest and valuable objects of your home, transporting them safely even with all the dangers that can occur on the road. However, movers cannot in a good concise claim that your pets would be safe in their truck. Therefore, they will refuse to take them.

    What are items movers will not move - a dog and a cat
    Pets cannot go into the truck!

    However, there are exceptions. When you are hiring a mover that offers special services, there are chances, however slim, that the mover might offer special pet relocation services. Therefore, while pets are definitely among items movers will not move, it is not necessarily impossible to have them relocated via movers. Of course, these types of services cost extra. (more on how to hire good movers at the end of this page)

    A final note on this topic should be that, among living things that will not be moved you will also find plants. Indeed, movers will not relocate potted plants.

    Munitions and explosives and flammables

    This one is also pretty obvious. While it is easy enough to, let’s say, pack and move electronics, it is a totally different matter if those electronics have an end goal of blowing up.

    They are prohibited from being moved or stored since they endanger the lives of movers that are doing the relocation. Therefore, any kind of explosive liquid, gas, or solid will not be transported. That means that fuel thanks and gas canisters will have to be transported some other way.

    Furthermore, you will find that you cant transport your firearm via movers. Rifles and handguns, even when not loaded, cannot be transported. This is also true for the ammunition of firearms. All of them are technically dangerous should they fall or tumble too much, not to mention that they have a chance of going off in high temperatures. All of these factors together make it so that firearms and anything regarding those firearms cannot be loaded unto a movers truck.

    Finally, generally, avoid anything flammable. Fireworks, for example. These and firecrackers are among items movers will not move.

    Hazardous material

    In order to make your simple interstate move successful, do keep it simple and avoid anything that can have hazardous effects on one’s health. A good rule of thumb is that you should avoid anything that would not be permitted on an aeroplane. That means no flammable gas in forms of deodorant canisters, no strong chemicals that could be used as a poison, etc.

    a poison bottle
    Nothing toxic can go into the truck

    As movers will point out, this is for everyone’s safety. Moving crews always place a high priority on their safety when working with heavy furniture. It is rather logical that they would avoid the relocation of hazardous materials.

    Your options are simple. You can either do it yourself or dispose of them in a safe way.

    Valuables that will not be moved

    Finally, while there are special services like those of piano movers NJ, it is oh-so-rare that a mover will try and move something of exceeding value. This is because things that are moved generally have very low levels of insurance. You can, of course, get extended insurance that would make sure you are not paid dollars based on weight, but it never covers valuables.

    one dollar bill
    The money will not be moved

    This is because movers are people that are reliable and liable. They simply cannot take a great risk that could live you very damaged. That means money, jewelry, etc will not be moved by your movers.

    Good movers

    Finally, the list of items movers will not move is not much use to anyone if you first don’t pick out the movers that are ready to move anything at all. Here are three things too look for in a mover (pass the fact that they have to have a license):

    • Good communication. It is important for you to have clear and frequent communication with your movers. That way you will have a clear understanding of items movers will not move for you in that particular relocation.
    • Well reviewed. Yelp, Google, and other review platforms offer a great way to see if the movers are really as capable as they seem.
    • Special services. Finally, try aiming for movers with wide range of additional services, as that proves capability and willingness to adapt.

    In summary

    When it comes to items movers will not move, you mainly have explosives, hazardous materials, extremely valuable stuff (and money), and living things. Everything else can be arranged!