How to find the best climate controlled storage unit in New Jersey

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    Whether you just need some extra space for your things. Or are moving and want to keep some of your things in a safe space during the move to make the move easier. You are going to need climate-controlled storage for a lot of things if you want to avoid damage. Things like mold and rust for example. And just as you are going to look for and hire professional movers. The same way you want to find the best climate-controlled storage unit in New Jersey.


    Location can be important. Because you are probably going to want a climate-controlled storage unit that is near you. But if it is located in a bigger city, you can expect the storage unit to cost more. If you are on the other hand moving internationally, then the location won’t matter to you and you can let one of the international shipping companies in new york handle the logistics. You just need to give them access to the storage.

    To find the best climate-controlled storage unit in New Jersey you need the right storage company

    You should take your time to do the research and find a good company that provides climate-controlled storage NJ. You need to read the reviews, ideally at few different places. Then you can narrow the list down to three companies. And contact them to inquire about prices. Then you can check the location and the storage unit itself. Also, don’t forget to ask do they provide free truck rental.

    Man using a laptop trying to find the best climate controlled storage unit in New Jersey
    Take your time and do the research to find a good company

    Check the security

    After all, you want your things in the storage unit to be well-protected. And a good company is going to have good security. So this is definitely something worth looking into. You should check what kind of security they have and do they have:

    • Quality locks
    • Video monitoring
    • Security guard

    When trying to find the best climate-controlled storage unit in New Jersey evaluate its size

    You need to take stock of everything that you are planning to put into storage. So before getting moving supplies NYC and packing everything. Figure out how much space you are going to need. Because you don’t want to pay more than you need to for a storage unit which you won’t use completely. It would be a waste of money. And keep in mind that you are also going to need some space in the storage unit to move around. So take that into account too when measuring how much space your things are going to take up. As you want easy access to everything in storage. Instead of having to move everything around to get that one thing.

    Man under a bunch of large shelves
    Find a storage unit of size that suits your needs

    Check the degree of accessibility

    This can be important, depending on your needs. For example, if you are decluttering after the relocation and leaving some of your things in storage. You might unexpectedly need something that you left in storage. So check would you have 24-hour access to your storage unit and are they open on Sundays. And also check about holidays, do they work then and during what hours. This is important when trying to find the best climate-controlled storage unit in New Jersey as you don’t want to get locked out of your storage unit when you need to take something from it.