How to move a piano to New Jersey without damaging the floor

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    Piano, a grand and majestic instrument that not only produces beautiful sounds but also has a high value. For many people, the piano does not only have a high monetary, but also a sentimental value. Some people receive their piano from their elders, other collect money to buy one. Either way, this instrument is one of the most precious things anyone who owns them has. So, how do we move a piano to New Jersey without damaging the floor or it in the process? Luckily, that is exactly what we will talk about today. One of the easiest ways to tackle this issue is to hire a professional moving company, like Movage Moving + Storage, to help you relocate it. As you want to both protect the item and the surroundings, leaving it in the hands of professionals is probably the best solution.

    How to move a piano to New Jersey without damaging the floor or the item

    Relocation is quite an exhausting period in everyone’s life. There are a ton of obligations to finish and things to do. In that mess, you need to find the time and the energy to safely prepare your piano for the road. Now, we all know how heavy and fragile, at the same time, these instruments are. So, as you hire interstate movers NJ to help you relocate, make enquiries about the services they can provide in regards to piano transfer and protection.

    a woman in a sweater sitting by the piano before starting to move a piano to New Jersey without damaging the floor
    The piano is an elegant, yet quite heavy, instrument that will usually require professionals to move

    On the other hand, you can approach this process yourself and try to do it your own way. However, as the stakes are too high, we advise you to not do so. Not only will you increase the chances of breaking the item, but you will also increase the chances of hurting yourself and other things around you.

    How to prepare everything for your piano relocation?

    Moving the piano is one thing. However, preparing your surroundings for that move is another. Yes, the piano itself requires a lot of protection and special handling. On the other hand, your floor also needs protection for when you move the piano. As we are going to talk about ways to protect the piano itself and prepare it for the move, here is what you can do besides that:

    • Prepare the piano before the movers arrive – Get everything ready on time so movers can just carry it out
    • Clear the room – This way you will have a clear path towards the door
    • Measure everything – Make sure the doorways can fit the piano through them
    • Do not rely on the wheels – Most pianos have wheels, yet they are mostly for decorative purposes

    1. Use castor cups

    Are you familiar with castor cups? These small items are used to prevent damage to the flooring when you are moving heavy or bulky furniture or items. Most of the time people use them when moving heavy furniture to prevent scratching of the floors. This is exactly what you want to use them for. Now, the first thing you should do is measure the size of the piano legs. Later, you should acquire castor cups of the appropriate size.

    a black piano standing in the middle of an open room
    Make sure to find the castor cups that fit the size and shape of your piano legs

    Using castor cups is the safest way to move a piano to New Jersey without damaging the floor. They will provide both your piano, as well as your floor with adequate protection to ensure a smooth relocation process. That way, piano movers NYC can easily move your piano from your home to the moving truck.

    2. Use a dolly move a piano to New Jersey without damaging the floor

    By using a dolly or a manual hand pallet, you can easily transport, or glide, your piano from one place to another without inflicting any damage. One of the main concerns when moving a piano manually is dropping it by accident or due to its heavyweight. Luckily, using equipment such as dollies or manual hand pallets, you can easily relocate your piano with maximum safety. After all, this is what most professional movers would use when moving your piano. Apart from the obvious, dollies are fairly easy to manipulate with and move around so you are lowering your chances of the piano getting stuck somewhere.

    3. Using blankets and moving pads

    Moving pads and blankets will not make it easier for you to move the piano around. However, what they will do is ensure that you do not damage your floor. By placing moving pads on the floor, you can slowly, but safely move your piano without worrying about the damage. A layer of these items will help the floor absorb any sudden blow or prevent the piano from moving further in case it starts to drag.

    a close view of a thick soft textile
    Moving blankets can help you avoid scratching the floor or creating holes in it from the piano weight

    You can use moving pads both on top of the item and on the floor. Their main purpose is providing protection from hits, scratches or blows. Due to their soft texture, these items are great for protecting both items and the house in general.

    Finally, hire professional movers

    Do you want to move a piano to New Jersey without damaging the floor? Well, then the best way to do so is to hire professional movers to help you do that. By contacting piano movers NJ, you will know that the piano is in safe hands. Professional movers, especially those who have a lot of experience with such items, can utilize their knowledge properly and help you move the piano without any issues. Not to mention that professional movers always come with all the equipment they need to make relocation of such items easier.