How to get out of a bad moving contract

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    Moving is a tiring and stressful process. And ending up in a bad moving contract can make it even more stressful. So you should know how to get out of a bad moving contract should your movers end up being fraudulent. Problems because of which you might want to get out of a moving contract vary. From property damage to lost goods, shipments being held hostage, or their delivery is delayed. Your first thought would most likely be to sue them. But that is a long and arduous process. There are better ways to get out of the contract. Experienced movers at Movage Moving are here to offer some advice on how to avoid getting scammed and how to get out of a bad contract.

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    One of the best ways to avoid moving scams is to hire reputable movers

    What are the scams because of which you will want to get out of a bad moving contract?

    You should get familiar with the most common scams and how they work. This will help you avoid them. And make it easier to get out of a bad contract should you end up in one. But the best way to avoid them is to hire professional and experienced movers, whether you are moving your home or office. Hiring reliable office movers in NYC is the best way to not get scammed.

    The hostage

    After you agree on a suspiciously low estimate from a moving company. Once they load your furniture they change the charges doubling or even tripling them. If you refuse to pay they will refuse to give you back your belongings until you agree on the price.

    Fictitious charges

    They would add new clauses to the original contract because the estimate was just for moving. And not for a number of other things which they added later. That is why you should make sure that you get all the important paperwork from licensed movers. Here are some common clauses that fraudulent movers would add to a contract later to increase the cost:

    • Packing
    • Moving insurance
    • Need for more trucks than estimated

      A man calling his movers to file a complaint and get out of a bad moving contract
      Contacting the movers and trying to resolve the issue with them is the first thing you should try

    Here are some ways to get out of a bad moving contract

    You should carefully read the whole contract and the terms on which you agreed with the company. Somewhere in the contract, you might find what to do in the situation you are in, like for example filing a claim. The best and easiest way to resolve the issue would be to contact the company and cite the relevant clauses in the contract. But you should avoid arguing with your movers. And keeping a record of the communication would be useful should you end up in court later.

    File a complaint

    If contacting the movers and filing a claim doesn’t work. And if they are obviously trying to scam you and can’t be reasoned with. You can file a complaint with the American Moving and Storage Association if your mover is a member there. And if your move is state-to-state you can file a complaint with the FMSCA. There are many places you can turn to for help to get out of a bad moving contract.