Paperwork you must get from licensed movers

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    Hiring a moving company is a job where you must be very careful. It is something where you do not want to make a mistake. Even the smallest mistake can cost you a lot and you can end up in trouble. Before you start signing the papers, you need to be sure that you have the right mover. There are many traits of high-quality movers that you should know. Also, you should know what paperwork you must get from licensed movers. All of that is a great way of knowing that you have found movers that you can trust. Learn what you should get from your movers and be protected during the relocation!

    Paperwork you must get from licensed movers – what should you know?

    Paperwork is necessary when hiring movers. No matter what you hire them for, moving or renting climate-controlled storage NJ, you will have to get some paperwork that will be enough for you to feel safe. But, what is that paperwork you need to get?

    • Moving quote
    • Bill of Lading
    • Inventory list

    Moving quote

    The first paper you will get is the moving quote. A moving quote is an estimation of how much your relocation will cost. You just do not want to hire a moving company without getting one. There are several kinds of quotes and the one that you would want to get is a binding estimation. It will keep the company on their track and they will not have the right to charge you any more than they estimated.

    calculator - Paperwork you must get from licensed movers
    Moving estimation is very important paperwork you must get from licensed movers

    Bill of Lading

    You should look at the bill of lading as the contract with the moving company. It is not important whether you are dealing with residential companies, commercial companies, shipping companies in New York, or some other, you want to have this contract on your side. The reason why this is probably the most important paperwork you have to get from the licensed moving company is that it has legal worth. That means that if something was not right and was different than the contract, you can fight and get what you deserve. Never hire movers without this piece of paper.

    man signing papers
    Bill of Lading is your contract

    Always have moving insurance

    After the bill of landing, you want to have moving insurance for your things. All respectable moving companies offer insurance and should always get it. It protects you in case something unpredicted happens.

    Inventory list

    Once your movers start loading your belongings in the truck, you should already have an inventory list in your hands. It is a piece of paper where there are all your items written. That means that if something is missing at the end of the move, you can pursue this matter. On the other hand, if the movers did not write something that you are moving, be sure to mention it. It may be an innocent fault but you are there to correct the mistake.

    Paperwork is very important when moving. It brings you safety and relaxation. Almost all of the paperwork you must get from licensed movers is something that protects you from any fraudulent activity. Always be sure to ask for these papers when moving and once you get them, you can be sure that you are dealing with reliable movers that have no intention of scamming you!