How to have fun with your kids in the house

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    Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic took a lot of liberty from everyone. For that reason, many people have to change their routine and ways that they entertain themselves. The same goes for the kids, that are impacted the most. That’s why we often hear that moving companies NYC move more toys than ever before. Even the parents have figured out that for a peaceful home you need to have your kids entertained. Above all, a good parent needs to know how to have fun with your kids in the house. Only if you can make your kids happy you can have a pleasant household.

    Make art

    This is the perfect time to find out if your child is artistic. Give them a guitar or put them near the piano, let them play a couple of notes. Who knows maybe your child has a musician’s touch? On the other hand, the easiest way to do something creative with your child is to paint together. Let them choose what they want to draw or paint, and maybe put it away in storage as one day maybe you’ll have the first painting ever made by a master artist.

    finger paint
    You can always make amazing art with your kids

    How to have fun with your kids in the house – Play games

    Your kids might not be able to go outside and run around or go to play with their friends because of the pandemic, but that shouldn’t stop them from having fun. For that reason, bring out the chessboard if your kid is a little tactician and likes mind games. If your child likes to run around and be always in movement, our local movers NJ can suggest a game called hide and seek. You can see how creative your child is by seeing where it hides. Above all, it’s a great way to use up some energy and bring out some laughs.

    Scavenger hunt

    If your child is more of a little investigator, maybe organizing a scavenger hunt isn’t a bad idea. Start by finding something interesting to hide. You need to get your child motivated for the hunt so maybe buy it a new toy they wanted. Start by packing the item nicely and then hide it in a place in the house where your children can have a challenge of finding it. Don’t overdo it, but if it’s something your kids wanted you’ll see how they’ll search the house for the item.

    How to have fun with your kids in the house – Make your favorite food

    Maybe your kids will be more interested in eating the food, but if you’re stuck in the house why not use the opportunity and teach them how to cook. Especially if it’s their favorite dish. You don’t have to start with the hardest meals, but cooking with your child is a great experience. Take their favorite meal and show them how to do to make it. It will teach them not only how to cook, but also how to be more self-reliant in the future.

    Daughter helping her mom cook
    Have fun with your kids in the house and cook together

    Watch your kids’ favorite cartoons

    What do kids arguably like the most? Obviously, it’s watching their cartoons! So why not sit down with them and take a glimpse of what type of cartoons your child is watching. And why not use this moment to go down memory lane? After you’ve watched your kid’s favorite cartoon show it what you watched as a child. It can really be a fun experience for both of you and can show your child that his mom/dad was a child too.

    How to have fun with your kids in the house – Do a puzzle together

    Another one for the brainiacs out there is to do a puzzle. It can be a nice challenge for the whole family. Everyone can get tasks to do, but be careful to not get too competitive. While doing puzzles is a fun activity it wouldn’t be the first time somebody gets overboard. for that reason, pick out the easiest puzzle possible and try to create a great family memory. And who knows? Maybe this can become a family tradition.

    Talk with family and friends

    In these difficult times, it’s important not to forget about our loved ones. That is especially true for the youngest ones. We need to help our kids stay in touch with the rest of the family, but also with their friends. Thankfully there are many options online to talk with the people you love. So you can if time is not what you have too much of, create a schedule when you let your child talk with their friends or their grandparents.

    Friends talking on a video call
    Staying with your loved ones is extremely important

    How to have fun with your kids in the house – Make a scrapbook

    With a dreadful year behind us, it’s maybe not the best thing to try and forcefully forget about it just yet. This is a great way to have a bit of fun, but also teach your child about taking care of their good memories. Suggest creating a scrapbook in which you can put everything beautiful that happened this year. And why not? Maybe this can be a way to create a family tradition that you and your child can have once a year. It will be fun for your kid now, but when it grows up it will be thankful for keeping those beautiful memories in a tangible form.

    With the pandemic still going on and the holidays nearly at the end, people have already somewhat got accustomed to staying home. But what about our most vulnerable family members? Our kids. There aren’t many things that will keep the attention of especially a younger child, but we still decided to make help you with how to have fun with your kids in the house. It’s not that difficult and there are varieties of things you can do, it all depends on the type of personality your child has. But remember, enjoy having fun with your kids whatever you chose to do!