Best Brooklyn winter family activities

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    It’s the most wonderful time of the year, especially for families. The COVID-19 pandemic has made a slight shift in our ordinary frosty weather activities, but for those eager to still enjoy the season, possibilities are numerous. Big gatherings are currently not allowed. But we can still enjoy all the advantages of small assemblies and spend these cold days exclusively with our dearest. Whether you just moved to Brooklyn with Brooklyn movers or you are born and raised in the borough, here are some ideas for Brooklyn winter family activities.

    Outdoor activities

    Spending time outside in the fresh air and absorbing vitamin D has never been more important.  Even if the weather seems too harsh at the moment, and you fear getting cold, this should not be an excuse. You should be able to avoid suffering from the cold weather if you dress warmly enough and take all the precautions. The health benefits, on the other hand,  of outdoor activities, are unprecedented. Whether you are an outdoor person and this represents your weekly routine, or you feel like trying something different, going to the open is always a good idea.

    Brooklyn in winter
    Walking in Brooklyn is one of the best winter family activities

    Half an hour family park strolls

    Take your family for at least a half an hour stroll in one of many Brooklyn parks. Not only you will have a great time, but it will be a good physical exercise for you and your loved ones. Some of the favorite family parks in Brooklyn are:

    • Brooklyn Bridge Park
    • Prospect Park
    • Gravesend Park
    • Domino Park ( great for family picnics in Brooklyn, and similar activities)

    Ice skating in Brooklyn

    Ice skating is every winter must activity. When you imagine Brooklyn winter family activities, ice skating is one of the first things that will come to your mind. The youngest members of your family will be grateful for the experience, and you’ll be grateful that they have spent that extra energy of theirs to learn or master an additional skill. LeFrak Center at Lakeside Prospect Park Brooklyn is open this winter, but you can consider other places as well.

    Make your very own Snowman

    If you prefer personalized activities with a touch of art, making snow sculptures is the answer. Let’s say you just moved to any part of New York, with the help of movers NYC, the chances are, enough snow will be waiting for you there during this season. Put on some warm clothes, get some waterproof gloves, and get the fun started. But don’t forget to bring enough carrots, your snowmen will need a nose, and you will need a snack.

    Brooklyn winter family activities
    Making Snowman as a way of spending quality time with your family in winter

    Indoor family activities

    Some people prefer to enjoy the winter and its picturesque sceneries from the cozy atmosphere of their home. If your goal is to stay dry and safe above everything else, here is what you can do with your family for a pastime.

    Board games

    Who doesn’t like board games? It doesn’t matter what is the average age of your group, nobody is too young or too old to play. During this time of the pandemic, many stores have replenished their stocks. So for sure, at the moment,  you’ll be able to find any game you can think of, in Brooklyn. Even if you don’t feel like going shopping, search the house together, chances are, you already possess a board game or even a few. A lot of interaction and laughter is guaranteed.

    Cleaning and redecorating together

    Believe it or not, cleaning and redecorating can be a fun family activity too. With good organization, a lot of boxes, and colorful pens, it can even resemble a game. Every family has that one messy room ar an attic where all the unwanted items end up. Just think about all the forgotten clothes, magazines, books, and toys. Some of them probably got back in style in the meantime or would be fun to see again or even recycle. Just remember to sanitize your items as soon as you find them. Around this time of the year, you can always use the colorful material you’ve found to make Christmas decorations too.

    homemade Christmas decorations
    After cleaning and decluttering, use colorful materials to make Christmas decorations.

    Preparing a delicious family meal

    Depending on your family’s eating habits and diet, you can use the opportunity of cold weather to stay in and cook different kinds of meals together. Of course, the healthier the meal, the more energy you’ll have, and the better you’ll feel. You can opt for everybody’s favorite, something you prepare regularly or you can make it more interesting by finding a completely new recipe on the internet. Make up your own recipe, why not, for the ultimate fun. And for that extra flavor, make sure everybody participates.

    Virtual winter family activities in Brooklyn

    For those who are somewhere in between staying in and trying something new and adventurous, now there is an option of doing both at the same time. Modern technologies have accomplished reaching new frontiers when it comes to virtual entertainment. Nowadays is possible to book a ticket to a virtual theatre, museum, or even play virtual games like Scavenger hunt in groups. Surprise your family members with an idea like this, and surely it will be an unforgettable experience. Websites like City Guide can help you a lot with the necessary information and booking.

    Always keep in mind that Brooklyn is a borough with an immense number of opportunities and possibilities. It is a part of the city that never sleeps, and it is beautiful throughout all four seasons. The key is to know exactly how to make each of them enjoyable. So do your research, gather your family, plan your activities, and make this one of the most memorable winters in Brooklyn.