How to organize your home library for storage

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    If you are a book lover preparing to move, you are probably wondering how to organize your home library for storage. Renting a storage unit during renovation or relocation can be a real lifesaver. Once you move into your new home, you won’t immediately know where everything goes. However, you can leave all your belongings in a safe and climate-controlled facility, and rest assured they won’t get damaged. Read on and find out how to prepare your things, including books, for storage and ensure a successful move.

    How to choose the right storage unit?

    When moving your book collection into a storage facility, it is very important to find the right unit. Paper is sensitive to humidity and fluctuations in temperature. That is why it is necessary to choose a climate-controlled storage NJ. Otherwise, your books might get damaged, moisture can lead to wavy edges, wrinkling, and pages can stick together. Also, extremely low humidity can make the paper brittle. Find a storage unit with temperature and humidity control.

    Organize your book collection before you start packing

    Next, think about the location of a storage unit. It should be close to your new home so that you would be able to access the facility easily. In this way, you will save a lot of time and money on transportation costs. Also, choose the right size of the unit. In order to determine the storage size, you need to go through all your belongings and decide which ones you want to store. Once you know the number of moving boxes, you will be able to choose between a small, medium, or large facility. Finally, safety is one of the most important factors to consider, especially if you plan to store some valuable possessions. Check whether your unit has video surveillance, gated access, proper lighting, etc.

    Organize your home library for storage before you start packing

    The packing process is the most tiring and time-consuming part of the relocation. But, before you start boxing your things, you need to go through all your belongings and organize them. The same rule applies to your home library. Decide whether you want to bring all your books, or there are some you want to get rid of. It is preferable to do this before you start packing. There is no need to pack and transport items you don’t want anymore. Also, bear in mind that the size of your move will determine the cost of it. So, if there are some books that you don’t want to bring into your new home, you can sell them on eBay and earn some extra money or donate them to your local library.

    Prepare your books for storage

    Now that you know which books you want to keep, it is time to protect them and organize your home library for storage. First, clean your books – wipe off the covers. Use a damp or dry cloth, depending on the material of the covers. Let them dry completely before packing them. If you have some valuable items in your collection, you might want to protect the covers. Sort your books based on genre, author, or some other category. Pack them in sturdy and durable boxes, but don’t overfill them. It is best to use small boxes because larger boxes filled with books would be extremely heavy. Once you place your books in boxes or plastic containers, add a label to the outside of the box. In this way, you will be able to easily find a book you need.

    Packing books in a cardboard box
    Your moving boxes don’t have to be new but don’t use ripped or damaged ones

    If you are an inexperienced mover, it might be best to leave the packing to professionals. Choose a moving company that offers packing services. Your movers will provide packing materials, protect, and pack all your belongings properly. Also, you will avoid moving injuries, which are quite common. If you are not used to hard labor, moving can be quite challenging. You can end up with strained back, knee injuries, or even broken toes.

    Plan your relocation in advance

    If you want to ensure a stress-free and safe relocation, make sure to plan it properly. The moving process doesn’t start on a moving day, but weeks, even months before. It is best to create a moving checklist that will help you stay organized. Write a list of all your moving tasks and set a timetable for each activity. The moving checklist should include everything – from researching movers NJ to gathering packing supplies.

    A mover next to moving boxes
    Reliable movers will take care of every aspect of your relocation

    Finding experienced movers is the most important part of the move. A reliable moving company such as Movage Moving + Storage will greatly facilitate and accelerate our move. Before your hire movers, make sure to do thorough research. Visit specialized moving websites, check companies’ reviews and ratings. Read previously submitted comments and complaints and check whether a company has a license. Make a list of companies that meet all your needs and compare their costs. A reliable company will be able to give you a pretty accurate moving estimate. Choose a moving company that fits your pre-determined moving budget.

    The moving process can be quite an overwhelming endeavor. It includes many activities, and people often get overwhelmed. However, if you plan your relocation properly, there is nothing to worry about. Start packing well in advance and make sure to protect your things. If you love books and have to organize your home library for storage, there are some simple rules to follow. Don’t store your books in places of high humidity and extreme temperatures. Keep them away from direct sunlight and don’t store them on the floor. Handle them carefully, use quality packing materials, and label your moving boxes.