How to pack photographs when moving to Manhattan

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    Moving is a process that consists of many things that you have to do. One of those things is packing. Packing bigger and less fragile items is somewhat easy but what about fragile items or important items, like photographs? This is a time when you want to preserve your photos because some of them can be pretty important to you. Having the best movers NYC is certainly a good thing that will make everything easier but there are things that you can do too. Here are some tips on how to pack photographs when moving to Manhattan!

    Is it really that hard to pack photographs when moving to Manhattan?

    Even though this task is harder than packing clothes, it does not mean that you will absolutely have to hire movers. So, here is how to pack your photos when relocating to Manhattan:

    • Photos without frames
    • Frames with photos
    • Photo albums

    Photos without frames

    Packing photos without frames is pretty much easy. You will not have to use any fancy packing material. You can use big books like encyclopedias. Just place the photos between that sheets of paper and be done with it. Of course, you will then have to pack the books. You can find great moving boxes in Manhattan that you can use for this. Just be sure not to overweight the boxes because it will make more problems.

    a man holding a photo - pack photographs when moving to Manhattan
    Photos without frames are easy to pack

    Frames with photos

    Dealing with photos in frames is harder because frames are usually not durable. They have a glass that can break pretty easily. But, if you pack the photos for your relocation to Manhattan properly, you should be okay. Many people will just wrap the frames and be done with it. But, you should protect your glass and you will do this by placing an old magazine on the glass. After that, you should use plastic wrap and wrap the whole thing together.

    Photo albums

    Packing photo albums is not that hard. A more important thing about moving photo albums is that you can lose them. Even though you may have insurance, it does not mean much if you lost some important photos. Even the best movers Manhattan NYC make mistakes so it would be wise for you to handle this matter on your own. Keep them with you and you should be responsible for them.

    a photo album
    Keep packed photo albums with you when moving if you want to avoid losing them

    Should you call movers when packing photos for the move to Manhattan?

    You can do all of this on your own, that is for sure. You just need a few packing supplies and you should be okay. But, it is much easier when you have professional packers by your side. They know all the tricks and they will certainly do a better job than you. Having in mind that you are not moving just the photographs, it should be a big bonus. Another important thing you should have in mind is the fact that you are moving to Manhattan. Those relocations are extremely hard because you will have to deal with things like traffic jams, no places to park, big crowds, etc.

    Our goal was to give you some practical advice on how to pack photographs when moving to Manhattan. Even though it is not the hardest task in the moving spectrum, it should not be handled easily. Be sure to follow the tips and you should pack your photos without any major issues.