How to pack up your Christmas decorations the right way

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    One of the greatest traditions that we have is decorating a home during Christmas. It is a magical time when everybody wants to relax and decompensate. That is why you decorate and make your home look like it comes from a fairytale. Of course, once the holiday ends, you need to pack everything and hold it somewhere. Of course, if you own a big number of decorations, you should think about renting a storage unit where you can keep all things that you do not need at the moment, not just decorations. But how to actually pack up your Christmas decorations once the holiday ends?

    Pack up your Christmas decorations with these tips

    • Use moving boxes
    • Protect fragile decorations
    • Rent a storage unit for safer storing

    Use moving boxes

    First, we want to address where you should keep your Christmas decorations. The easiest and most logical way is to use classic moving boxes. They are the perfect way to store everything that you do not need at the moment, decorations included. Of course, if you do not have any boxes at your home, you should not worry. You can easily buy moving boxes NYC from the moving companies you want. The great thing about this is that you will get brand new boxes which you can use for a long time.

    cardboard - pack up your Christmas decorations
    Classic cardboard moving boxes are a great choice for packing up your Christmas decorations

    Protect fragile decorations

    Fragile Christmas decorations are harder to pack and store. The problem is that most of it somehow manages to get broken and you can’t use it the next year. Of course, when it comes to smaller pieces, it does not really matter. But if you have bigger decorations that cost more, you need to pack them right.

    You should use plastic wrap to protect your items from the outside. It will compensate for the blow. In order to be extra safe, you should place towels or soft cushions on the bottom of the box and protect it if you drop it or something falls on the box. Preserve what you can and use it the next year!

    fragile box
    Fragile items are harder to pack!

    Rent a storage unit for safer storing

    Preparing your Christmas decoration for storing is one thing, but storing is another. People that own big houses do not have a problem with storing. On the other hand, people living in apartments usually do not have where to store. That is why renting a storage unit is a perfect solution. Besides storing Christmas decorations, you can store everything else as well. It does not matter where you rent it, or rather, which moving company you call. You can even contact international shipping companies in New York and you are going to get a storage unit. The only thing that matters is the condition of the unit.

    Getting rid of your decoration does not have to be a drag. You only need good advice and you are good to go. Pack up your Christmas decorations without having to think about whether you doing it right. Use these tips and you should be okay with storing your decorations for the next year!