How to prepare for moving around Thanksgiving

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    Organizing a move during the holidays can be challenging. If you are flexible when it comes to the moving day, it would be best to choose some other time of year for relocation. However, in case you have to vacate the house or apartment by the end of November, you will probably use these days off from work to pack and transport your things to the new home. A long holiday weekend will give you more time for organizing and packing, but there are numerous downsides to this situation. We have some tips to help you find reliable Brooklyn movers and prepare for moving around Thanksgiving.

    Schedule the moving date as soon as possible

    Moving activities can be stressful any time of the year, but particularly during the holiday season. It can be very overwhelming to balance between moving tasks and the festivities of Thanksgiving. In addition, it is likely that moving companies will be booked well in advance, due to labor shortage on holidays. The sooner you research moving companies NYC and schedule a moving date, the better.

    A woman writing in the notebook
    Creating a list of moving activities will help you stay on track

    How to find reliable movers?

    Finding an experienced moving company that provides quality moving service NYC around Turkey Day can be extremely difficult. Reliable movers should be licensed and offer moving insurance. However, the best movers are booked well in advance so start looking for the perfect moving company as soon as possible. Check specialized moving websites such as Better Business Bureau. Here you can find general information about companies, reviews, and ratings. Read previously submitted comments and complaints. Make sure that the company you choose provides the type of service you need. Also, request several moving estimates and hire a company that fits your budget.

    Make a solid plan in order to prepare for moving around Thanksgiving

    Creating a good moving plan is the most important part of relocation. Careful planning can ensure a safe and successful move. Make a list of all your moving activities and create a timeline of tasks. This will help you stay organized and know exactly what you should be doing before, during, and after the move. Bear in mind that delays are expected during this time of year. Also, weather conditions may be bad, so you need to be extra careful.

    Prepare for moving around Thanksgiving by packing well in advance

    Packing is the most time-consuming part of the moving process. Also, it can be very tiring and stressful. You need to go through all your belongings and organize them. Divide them into several piles – keep, toss, donate, sell. Think carefully about which items you want to keep and transport to your new home. Remember that the cost of your relocation depends on the size of it. So, get rid of the things you don’t really need or use anymore. Don’t transport furniture pieces that won’t fit into your new apartment, clothes you no longer wear, old kids’ toys, etc. Sell them on eBay or donate to charity. Once you decide which items to bring, it is time for packing.

    A couple carrying boxes
    Proper packing is particularly important during cold weather and heavy rain

    Moving home in cold weather is completely different from moving during the summer months. Not only do you have to be extra careful to reduce the risks on the road, but some of your things will require extra protection. It is important to protect some items from low temperature and temperature fluctuations because there is greater change or cracking and breaking. Low temperatures and low humidity can damage sensitive items such as electronics, musical instruments, glassware, mirrors, plants, and furniture.

    Protect your belongings properly

    In order to protect your belongings, use an extra layer of bubble wrap. Apply a layer of wax to your wood furniture. Wood furniture may crack when exposed to extremely low temperatures or warp if it gets wet from the rain. Use towels and cloths to wrap breakable items, such as dishes and glass, as they will slow down the changes in temperature. Electronic devices are also sensitive to temperature fluctuations and very delicate, so you need to completely insulate them against the cold.

    If you are an inexperienced mover, it might be best to hire professional moving and packing company. They will provide quality moving supplies NYC, protect and pack your belongings carefully. This will reduce the possibility of damage and greatly accelerate the moving process. Also, your movers will label your moving boxes which will speed up the unpacking process as well.

    Take time to give thanks

    The fact that you need to prepare for moving around Thanksgiving doesn’t mean that you should forget about the holiday. Although you might miss some holiday customs this year, there are many things you should be grateful for. If you have some friends or family members living close to your new home, make plans with them. Ask them to host Thanksgiving dinner in their home this year.

    Mother and daughter cooking dinner
    Even though you are moving around Thanksgiving, you can still find the time to prepare Thanksgiving dinner

    In conclusion

    Moving during holidays is more difficult than a regular move. Traffic jams, movers’ schedules, off days, holiday traditions – all this has to be taken into account. In order to prepare for moving around Thanksgiving, you need to plan and organize your relocation carefully. Remember that the moving process starts weeks, even months before the big day. You need to protect your belongings to avoid any possible damage and pack them.

    Next, it is crucial to find reliable, licensed, and experienced movers to transport your things around Thanksgiving to your new home. Despite all your moving tasks and activities, you shouldn’t ignore the holiday. Find the time to honor generational traditions and make your own. Give thanks for all that you have and don’t take it for granted.