Lesser-known NYC landmarks you should visit

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    NYC has a lot of landmarks for prospective tourists and residents alike. All of them are worth your time and are great places to see. When one of the moving companies Manhattan NY relocates your belongings to your new home, it is time to visit some of them. From the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building, the number of famous landmarks does not disappoint. However, there are some lesser-known NYC landmarks that are well worth your time, as well. We are going to list a few of them and give you a couple of reasons why you might want to check them out the next time you want to go out sightseeing.

    Lesser-known NYC landmarks – Places worth visiting!

    Here are the places that are not so well-known but offer plenty to see and feel:

    • Panorama of the City of New York
    • The Met Breuer
    • Snug Harbor Cultural Center
    • Woolworth Building
    • City Reliquary Museum
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    Want to see NYC panorama? Visit the Queens Museum!

    Panorama of the City of New York

    In the Queens Museum, you can treat your eyes to a view of the NYC panorama. It is simply not possible to visit every place in NYC, no one has that much free time. The city is absolutely huge and that endeavor would take you years, even if that was all that you were doing with your time.

    However, what you can do is visit the panorama and have a much more condensed view of NYC. This panorama combines all of the city’s boroughs into one place and one miniature. Even miniaturized, Panorama of the City of New York is almost ten thousand square feet large! The detail is absolutely stunning and there are treats for even the sharpest eye to find out! Looking at this panorama will provide you with an experience similar to Google Earth, as you will be able to peer down and zoom in into your neighborhood and your favorite places.

    You can even purchase apartments in this miniature representation of NYC. They start from $100 and go up, depending on the size and location. Who knows, perhaps the panorama will get larger eventually and you may be able to even go inside one day. You never know.

    The Met Breuer

    Located on the Lenox Hill, the Met Breuer museum which is named by its architect from Hungary, Marcel Breuer, stands as a monument to art. The collection of both contemporary and modern art housed here is quite impressive. This museum also has modern exhibitions as well, as many of the recent artists are represented within. Met plans to be a major player in the coming art scene and the collection paired with the great architectural design definitely give it a great start! This is a place whose time is yet to come but it is well worth your time now. In the future, it may become essential.

    However, before you arrive and get ready to visit any of those wonderful places in New York, you should prepare for the relocation and find the best place to live!


    Visit one of the museums in NYC!

    One of the lesser-known NYC landmarks – Snug Harbor Cultural Center

    Less than 40 minutes from Fort Lee, Snug Harbor Cultural Center on Staten Island is a great place to visit. If you arrive in the city before movers Fort Lee NJ come with your stuff, why not take a stroll around the Cultural Center? This used to be a home for retired sailors and is far away from Manhattan’s noise and hustle and bustle. The area spans over more than 80 acres and is home to a huge botanical garden. There is also a large cultural center with its cobblestone streets and its Tudor and victorian houses. The main attraction, however, is the “Chinese Scholar’s Garden”. This place hosts extremely beautiful rocks that are made to represent mountains found in many pieces of Confucian and Buddhist poetry and paintings. It is simply amazing and it also hosts a koi pond and a bamboo forest path.

    This is an extremely tranquil place and if you want to find your center, this is the place to go. You will not regret it.

    Woolworth Building

    In the financial district, you can find the Woolworth Building. This place was built all the way back in 1913 and was designed by Cass Gilbert. This used to be the tallest building in the world, famed for its lobby and exterior of “Gothic revival”. However, back in the day, not everyone could enter the building as only the rich people had that privilege. Today that is not the case, as everyone can see the splendors within. If your interest is architecture or history, you will stand in awe of the great mosaic ceiling that has Byzantine as its inspiration, as well as bronze tracery and sculptures. There are guided tours that will show you all the marvels within but you need to book in advance. If you want to move to this particular area, you should find the best movers in NYC to assist you with your upcoming relocation.

    Woolworth Building
    Visit Woolworth Building in the financial district.

    If you are a film buff, you will most definitely notice that many movies have this location in one of their scenes. Some of the more memorable ones include The Great Gatsby and Fantastic Beasts. It is always great to stand in a place seen in a movie. That experience is always worthwhile.

    Another lesser-known NYC landmark – City Reliquary Museum

    Last, but definitely not the least, the City Reliquary Museum in Williamsburg has plenty of NYC memorabilia for you to look at. There are really old postcards that feature the Statue of Liberty and a lot of exhibits about the NYC burlesque history. Apart from that, there are also many items from the World’s Fair in 1939. This place really brings back memories of a time long gone. It stands on its own two feet among the other museums. This museum also caters to the community a lot, with many fundraisers and special events. It is a great place to sit back and enjoy NYC as it once was. There are so many stories within that it is impossible to list them all. You will have the pleasure of discovering them on your own!

    And those were the lesser-known NYC landmarks that are more than worth your time. Next time when you want to visit a new place, give one of these a shot. You will not be disappointed.