Moving out of NJ: pros and cons

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    If the moving opportunity presents itself, you should always first consider all the pros and cons of it. Each moving decision will have both good sides and bad sides. Expecting all good, means living in denial. Some opportunities will be for living outside of the USA. This will mean using the services of some of the international shipping companies NJ has to offer. Whether you are considering an international or interstate move, take time to think about it. In this article, we will be dealing with the pros and cons of moving out of NJ.

    Pros of moving out of NJ

    As in every situation, there will be good sides of the move, and leaving a city or a state you live in. We will here try to summarize the experience of people who have moved out of NJ, and were able to share their feedback. The important thing to remember is that if you decide on moving out of New Jersey, you must hire reliable interstate movers NJ. With quality movers, each move will fall easier on you.

    Lower costs of living

    New Jersey is said to be one of the priciest states to live in. One of the reasons is the proximity to New York City, which you cannot put a price on. Not all parts of NJ are that expensive, but yes, if you want to live here, you will have to pay a little extra. If you are struggling financially or spending too much money on rent is not your cup of tea, moving out of NJ will be a good move. Choose a state where you feel you can fit in money-wise. People who plan on expanding the family often are in search of more affordable options. outside NJ.

    A piggy bank with saved money when moving out of NJ
    Living outside NJ will mean lower life and rent costs

    The weather as a deal-breaker for those who are not keen on winter

    If you are a 365-days-of-summer kind of person, then by all means you should be moving out of NJ. Florida or California might be your top pick. New Jersey is one of the states where you have all four seasons, but that might not sit well with everyone. It is known that weather can affect people, and cause something called weather pains or meteoropathy. Because of this, each person should be able to choose where they want to live.

    Cons of moving out of NJ

    There are many more cons for moving out of New Jersey, so let’s try and name as much of them as possible. Some will be quite self-explanatory:

    • Four-season weather – although this was also under the cons, having all four seasons is a certain type of blessing. You can see nature changing, and witness some of the most beautiful sceneries.
    • NYC proximity – when you live only an hour from NYC than you are really lucky. Ability to go see a Broadway show, visit some of the NY museums, or just hit the bars or clubs, is priceless.
    • Endless coastline – New Jersey has 142 miles of coastline. Just visiting some of the beaches and boardwalks is one of the best ways to spend a day in New Jersey.
    • Education – Believe it or not, but Garden State schools are second in the whole country, by their education. If you have kids, you better not be moving out of NJ
    • Mesmerizing nature – NJ can proudly present both beautiful mountain ranges and ocean beaches. In mountain ranges, you can enjoy activities such as skiing, hiking, bird watching, and such. In the summer you can go swimming, surfing or boating
    A man surfing on the sea
    Surfing is just one of the activities you can do in NJ during summer


    The intention of this article was not to persuade anyone but to provide some solid facts and options. Based on their personal preference and financial situation people will choose the best place for them to live in. You will not be wrong if you decide to move out of NJ, but also you will not be wrong if you decide to stay.