Best ways to spend a day in New Jersey

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    Are you considering moving to the East Coast? If so, you can expect nothing but an adventure! Before you check in with the Queens movers you laid your eyes on, it would be good to decide where on the East Coast you would like to live. Maybe the best way to explore is not only the internet but the actual live experience. If you have enough time and funds, you should explore the cities by going on daily tours or something similar. It is important to feel the overall vibe of the city and imagine how would you feel if you lived there. In this article, we will talk about ways to spend a day in New Jersey.

    Spending a day in a Garden State

    There are so many things to do when in New Jersey, so you should have no issues finding fun that suits you best. It has something for everyone. From nature and long walks to an urban environment, shopping, or eating and drinking in new bars and restaurants. If you fall in love in this state as we think you will, call movers Fort Lee NJ, and make an appointment. Now, make a plan on how to spend a day in NJ and we will help with suggesting some of the most common places.

    Daily tour through NJ for nature lovers

    If you are a nature and an animal lover, you will definitely want to visit Lacota Wolf Preserve. The preserve is a non-profit organization that takes care of the wolfs, foxes, and bobcats that were born in captivity. You can go on educational tours that are arranged twice a day or schedule private photography tours. Another thing to do if you like nature and excitement is ziplining at Mountain Creek. Beautiful sceneries from the sky will amaze you. What we certainly cannot miss mentioning is Wharton State Forest. It is not only a huge park for walking, but it also offers hiking, kayaking, and swimming opportunities.

    Man and woman kayaking
    Kayaking is one of the activities you can do in Wharton State Forest

    How to spend a day in New Jersey if you are an adventurer?

    Why not start a day with breakfast in the sky? Yes, you heard us well, in the sky! For the past 10 years, Ferris Wheel at Mariner’s Landing does not only serve as an attraction but also a place where you can eat delicious breakfast, while up in the air. After breakfast, you can go down to the amusement park at Morey’s Piers. There, you will find a lot of family attractions, thrill rides, and arcade games. If by any chance you have more than a day, then go to Cape May seaside resort. It is located at the tip of southern New Jersey’s Cape May Peninsula. There, you can go from museums and shopping to enjoying on the beach.

    Morey's Piers a way to spend a day in New Jersey
    Morey’s Piers is a great place for families as it has all sorts of entertainment

    To spend a day in New Jersey is just not enough

    We know you will think that you cannot see anything in 24 hours, but that is not entirely true. If you organize well, there are plenty of things to see and experience. You can spend a day in New Jersey in amusement parks, dining, and shopping. But there are places to go and learn some history by visiting Clinton or Morristown, for example. What you absolutely mustn’t miss is Liberty State Park. It is not only the point for cruises to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. You can also find kayak eco-tours, a restored railroad terminal, opportunities for fishing and picnicking. And this is still not all you can do there. We are sure that after some tours you will be able to recognize the best places to live in NJ.


    We hope to have at least a bit helped with our suggestions about spending a day in NJ. The decision will be yours eventually, of course. Wherever you choose to go, we are sure you will not make a mistake, as Garden State is always a good choice.