Moving to Europe from the USA: facts you should know

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    People face many challenges in life. Moving is definitely one of them, being in the top ten. With your decision about moving to Europe from the USA, you have moved to the next level. International moving is not just a regular move. It is much more than that. There are a lot of financial, social and emotional aspects in this process. None of them should be neglected. Let’s start at the beginning, with a resolution on how to move your things abroad. For this, you must engage some of the international shipping companies NJ has to offer. After finding a reliable moving company that you will entrust your things to, you can start other plans. Since the international move is not like any other, a lot of logistics will be required.

    Shipping things to Europe from the USA
    Since moving abroad you will need to have your things shipped

    Phases of international move

    Simply put, your move from the USA to a country of the European Union will have three phases. Them being before, during and after the move. But what will all that entail, we will reveal in the next few paragraphs. Therefore, stick with us and learn some valuable information!

    Before moving to Europe from the USA

    Phase number one will require a lot of discipline and time. This phase is all about the preparation. Not only physical but also financial and emotional. If you have found a reliable moving company and got an estimate on the moving price, it is time for the next step. Now more than ever is time for you to part from some stuff as you want to pack light when moving to Europe from the USA. The decluttering process is crucial here. Knowing how to prepare your things for an international move is one huge step forward. Make checklists, of all the things you are moving, and all the things you need to do before you move.

    Creating a checklist
    Checklists will be your best friends during the move

    Packing and moving process

    Let’s assume you have gone through the decluttering process several times, held some garage sales. You are now left with all the things you are actually carrying with you. Try and save money on the packing supplies, that should not be hard. Actually try and save money wherever you can. If moving your art with you, you will need to ask for services of art movers NYC has, and that will not be cheap. While packing try and search as much as possible about the new place you are moving to. Europe is not just a new place you are going to, it is a whole new culture, and possibly a whole new language.

    After the move – what should you do?

    Your packed things have arrived at the final destination, the same as you. What now you wonder? Now the adventure of the international move begins. Hopefully, you have learned a new language, checked the best places to eat, go for a drink, shop, etc. If you moved to Europe from the USA for a job, you will soon meet a lot of new people at the office. The best thing to do, to try and make feel like at home is throw a housewarming party. Having your friends in your new home will make you feel like you almost never left home.

    Few more facts about moving to Europe from the USA

    Expect to feel lonely so get in touch with friends and family as often as you can. Have rational expectations about the country you are moving to and people living there. Even if you continue to speak your own language for work, learn the language of the natives. This way you will show them respect for their culture and tradition. We wish you a safe trip and a good, almost stress-free move. You can do this!