Online tools to help you choose movers in New Jersey

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    Moving requires a lot of time and energy. If you decide to organize a relocation on your own, it will take a lot of planning and stress. That is why it is best if you leave the moving to the professionals. Moving companies have the knowledge, trained staff, and necessary tools to conduct your move efficiently. But how do you choose the company to trust your belongings with? Nowadays the internet offers a variety of ways to choose the service you need. There is a multitude of online tools to help you choose movers in New Jersey. Movage Moving + Storage will guide you through the most popular applications for finding the best moving company.

    Online tools to help you choose movers in New Jersey

    If you are not familiar with the area or close to people in your neighborhood, there are slim chances that someone will recommend a trusted moving company to you. Also, in times of the pandemic, you may want to have as little social interaction as possible. Given that the majority of people own a computer or a smartphone, you can easily find moving companies NJ without having to leave your house. Here are some of the most popular moving apps:

    • Unpakt
    • Dolly
    • Moved
    • MyMove
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    The best moving company is just a click away with the right online tool


    This online tool helps you compare moving quotes from the top-rated moving companies. Fill out the online form – where you are moving from and to, and the date and size of your move. Then answer three simple questions about whether you need any additional services. There is even a list of inventory you can choose from, so the application is aware of the exact size of your move. Finally, the results will show moving quotes from the best movers operating in your area. The price for each item you are moving is also available on the app, as well as the reviews from customers.


    Whether you are a retailer, small business owner, or just an individual moving house, this application will successfully cater to your needs. After you insert all the details concerning your relocation, you will get a price quote for various moving companies. After you decide which company to choose, you may chat with them through this app and track the status of your relocation process. For instance, if you need reliable piano movers NJ, online tools can be helpful in securing you the best possible service.


    This tool coordinates the entire moving process and saves you a lot of time and energy that you will need once you relocate to your new home. Among other services, they offer a price comparison of various packing materials you can choose from. Moving quotes from a multitude of moving companies are at your disposal with just a click. The service includes elevator reservations, scheduling, and securing a storage unit for temporarily storing your belongings. This application works as your personal concierge. The application is free to install and use, and you only pay for the moving services provided.

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    There is a large number of useful apps for finding the best movers and organizing your relocation


    This creative application offers a multitude of convenient services for people who are moving. For instance, it offers an option to compare the costs of living in various cities. Be well informed about the town you are moving to prior to relocation and check if that place is the best option for your budget. You may find other information about your desired destination, such as commute time or the number of parks. Search thoroughly through all US states and Puerto Rico and find the most suitable place for you and your family. If you are looking to find a home in New Jersey, this application will help you make a final decision about your new place of residence.

    Besides comparing towns, there is also an option to compare moving services and companies via this online tool. Fill out a short form with the details of your relocation and get a free quote for the most trusted companies near you. Also, to avoid your mail being sent to your old address, submit a USPS address change request with MyMove, and skip the tiresome trip to the post office.

    Other apps to facilitate your move

    Besides finding an adequate app to help you decide on a moving company to hire, there are tools for other moving-related concerns. As moving is an enterprise that requires a lot of planning, Google Keep helps you have all your thoughts, ideas, to-do lists, and actions in one place. It gives the option of recording voice notes, photo notes, or even handwritten notes. Another useful application is Sortly. Make an inventory of your belongings in an untraditional way – by adding photos of each item to the inventory list. You can also make a checklist of your moving tasks and tick them once they are completed. Moreover, Move Advisor allows you to make a moving timeline. The app itself suggests moving tasks and gives you additional info on each task. It also helps you create a moving inventory and find a reliable moving company in your area.

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    Find the most trusted moving company in New Jersey to conduct your relocation

    Choose a reliable moving company

    The moving process involves a series of actions that require logistics, organization, heavy lifting, handling fragile items, and many more delicate tasks. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to hire a moving company that boasts good reviews, trained staff, and state-of-the-art customer service. Also, the advice is to look for a company that offers various moving-related services, such as Movage Moving + Storage with its long-term and short-term storage Teterboro. Use any tools you can to help you choose movers in New Jersey. Plenty of online applications may well assist you to make a final decision when it comes to hiring a moving company. Remember that the best service available is just a click away.