Packing advice for minimalists moving to Brooklyn

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    Living in Big Apple often means you are living in a small apartment. If you are considering moving with the help of Brooklyn movers, it may be pretty hard for you to pack your possession. This is not only because packing is a time-consuming process, we are talking about common home space issues. But, you are not the only person facing mentioned issue. It is not surprising every person has too much stuff. Unless we are talking about minimalists- people who strive to have less material things. And today will we share with you packing advice for minimalists or those who decide to become one of them. Since moving brings a change, this is a great opportunity to downsize and simplify your life. And you will make it by lightening up your possession and load for the move. Let’s see how to pack like a minimalist.

    Packing advice for minimalists is all about decluttering

    One of the main reasons why it is so hard for us to declutter is because of the emotional value that our belongings have. Many of us like to have two or three extras of everything we use. Besides, even if we don’t need certain items temporarily, we save them for occasions we will need them. That means our items present some sort of safety to us. However, moving with the help of best movers NYC to a small Brooklyn apartment means you will need to let go when it comes to certain items. Luckily, with our packing advice for minimalists, it is not going to be that hard as before. We will explain to you how beneficial decluttering can be, especially when moving. So, let see what you should do before you even start packing.

    A woman who took our packing advice for minimalist now carry clothes to donate
    Take our packing advice for minimalists and opt for donating.

    Decluttering will make packing a piece of cake

    Although many will tell you packing is the hardest part of packing, today we will agree on the fact that decluttering is still harder. This is a time-intensive endeavor and if you didn’t do it before, it can be difficult for you to start. So, before you even start, divide your possession into categories. Then take the advice from our residential movers NYC and be realistic when it comes to the time you will need to dedicate yourself to this task. Yes, you will need to spend a few weeks to complete paring down.

    However, when you finish decluttering with our packing advice for minimalists, packing for your Brooklyn move will become easy to perform. Whether you will opt for DIY packing or you will hire specialists such as our art movers NYC, it will be simple to pack the only thing you truly need. We suggest you divide your belongings into the following categories:

    • Clothing and cosmetics;
    • Papers and documents;
    • Furniture and bedsheets;
    • Books;
    • Gadgets;
    • Artwork;
    • Toys;
    • Kitchen items;
    • Bathroom items;
    • Holiday decorations;
    • Home décor;
    • Outdoor gear.
    People packing donations
    Decide to keep only things your use frequently.

    The less is more

    Remember that you should not feel guilt or obligation to keep presents you don’t want anymore. Instead, write down memories behind things you were gifted. Besides, start thinking about these people you will make happy by donating your items. All this packing advice for minimalists will make moving across New York emotionally easier for you. Minimalism is a fresh new take on life that will help you enjoy a more simple life. So, become a minimalist when the time for the move comes.  You will enjoy it more than you can imagine!