How to have a fun move with your kids?

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    Moving is overall an extremely difficult task for many people. It can get especially difficult when your kids are around during the moving process. The best choice would be to ask your family members or a friend to look after them until you relocate. But what if that’s not an option? In that case, you need other options while the full service movers NYC get the job done. Here are just some ways to have a fun move with your kids that can be helpful to you.

    Play some music

    If you have kids that are old enough and have already developed a music taste let them decide what music you should listen to while you pack. And even better, make a challenge and create your own song. Our piano movers NYC can confirm that kids can get very creative when it comes to music during relocation.  Someone can play an instrument, and the others can sing. Hopefully, this can be a fun experience that will also distract you from the dullness of packing. So don’t be afraid to let out the creativity of both you and your kids.

    Father playing the piano with her daughter
    Even before you start moving play some music with your kids

    Decorate moving boxes with your kids

    Your youngest can be curious and full of energy at times. That usually means you need to look after them and that takes time from your moving preparations. For that reason, you should keep them distracted. If it’s a long-distance move or a local one, your kids can be a distraction or a big help depending on what tasks you give them. So try to give them something that will be fun for them and useful for you. Let them decorate the boxes with their favorite colors and if you have older kids give them the task of labeling moving boxes. Your kids will love having something to do and you’ll be able to concentrate on the harder parts of the job.

    Have a fun move with your kids – Let them help with packing

    Packing can be a very dull and repetitive task. So why not make it more fun for you and your kids? Give your kids tasks like packing up their toys or if they’re older let them pack their own room up. Who needs packing services when your kids can pack their stuff up on their own? For everything else, you can call the professionals to help you out. The same goes for unpacking. Let your kids unpack their own items. They will feel happier knowing that they can choose where to put them and it will leave you more time for unpacking more important items.

    Family taking a photo after packing
    Don’t forget to have fun even while a dull thing like packing

    Have a fun move with your kids – Let them help you declutter

    The best way to decrease your stress and help you move is to declutter. And your kids can be amazing helpers in the process. Obviously, there are going to be important things that you’ll choose by yourself to keep, donate or throw away, but involving your children is a great way to teach them about donating to the ones in need and making important decisions. Firstly, make a list of old toys or clothes, because it will make it easier for the kids to let something go as they or outgrown their clothes or don’t play with certain toys anymore. Let them create different piles where they put stuff that they want to keep and items they want to donate.

    Have a fun move with your kids – Play road games

    After everything is packed and loaded in the truck everything gets a bit easier. The only thing that remains is that you wait for the moving truck and unpack your stuff. But before that get into your car with your family and have a fun trip to your new home. Play some road games as I spy for example to try to cut a long trip short. Another game that the little ones like to play is the license plate game. There are many others, but most of the games require just the kids’ attention or at most a piece of paper and a pencil.

    Family camper and a beautiful night sky in the background
    Playing road games can make even a long ride home fun

    Have a fun move with your kids – Indoor camping

    After all the moving boxes have been unloaded the new house is pretty empty looking. This is a perfect chance to have little fun with your youngest. The new bedrooms aren’t really ready to be slept in, so why not create a little camping experience in your living room. Try to pitch a couple of small tents and tell stories about the old house and the new house. Make your kids feel welcome in the new home and ask about their opinions. If it’s even a possibility you can even let them have a say about certain parts of the house.

    Let your kids help you decorate their rooms

    One of the most important decisions a child can make in the home is to decide the look of its room. If your kids are old enough they can unpack and organize their room by themselves. On the other hand, even the younger ones can give a special touch to their rooms. For example, they can put their favorite toys in a special space. Also buying something new that they choose is a great way to motivate them and make them feel better in their new room. Perfect examples are table lights or special new boxes for toys that your children can pick out.

    Relocating from point A to point B can come with many challenges. Be it a move down the street or an interstate move, you’ll be always on the edge and thinking about numerous tasks. Especially if you’re moving with the whole family. But why not try and have a fun move with your kids if possible? We’ve hopefully given you enough suggestions on how to change a dull move into an amazing experience. Good luck with your move and don’t forget to have fun!