Post-move checklist after settling into a new home

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    The whole packing and moving is an exhausting process to be fair. Once you move to your new home, you need time to settle down and get used to it. Unpacking can take weeks, depending on the size of your new home and the number of boxes you have. Once piano movers NJ have delivered your piano, it is time to make your new place feel like home. That can be a long process and also depends on the fact if you moved alone or with someone. But what you might not know is that there is a thing called the post-move checklist. And is of the same importance as the one you had when you were planning the move.

    What is a post-move checklist?

    The name is almost self-explanatory, but the question about what it consists of remains. A post-move checklist is a list of tasks you need to do after the move. Not everybody’s list will be the same. It depends on a lot of factors. Some tasks might be mutual to all the people who move, and some only to certain groups like pet owners, or people owning musical instruments, etc. On this checklist you can find things from unpacking rules to reminders to rent a climate controlled storage NJ has listed as available.

    Common ground for all those that move

    Let’s list things that are common for almost all people once they move. Things that should definitely be on the post-move checklist:

    • Finish unpacking following inventory list, and check if everything was delivered by the moving company you hired
    • Change your mailing address
    • Change locks, locate the circuit breaker, install a home security system
    • Meet your first-door neighbors and learn ways to get to know your new neighborhood
    • Throw a housewarming party
    • Pay the bills from your previous home and make sure all utilities there are turned off
    • Find the best places to shop groceries, drink coffee, have dinner in
    • Explore the new city so you can feel less of a stranger in it
    • Check-in with a local doctor, especially if you or your family members have some chronic health issues
    Vacuuming after a housewarming party that needs to be on the post-move checklist
    Throw a party after you settle down and meet your new neighbors

    Post-move checklist tasks relating to only certain groups

    If you have moved with your entire family and have kids, there will be additional tasks for you. Depending on the age of your kids, you will need to look for a kindergarten or a school. It is preferable you explore all these options before you move. As a pet owner you would need to check the pet policy in the city you moved to, and check-in with a local vet. If you are an artist or a musician, find studios where you can record or create. Find a place for all your artwork and antiques if you own them. Storage spaces will probably the best solution for these in case you do not have enough space at home.

    A puppy in a cage at a veterinarian
    If you own a pet, visiting local vet should be on your post-move checklist

    Relax and enjoy the ride

    The hardest part of the move is over with your arrival at your new home. All other tasks from your post-move checklist should not cause that much stress. Changing the environment and starting from the beginning is kind of stressful, but there are so many positive sides to change. One of the most exciting things is getting to know your neighborhood and the city. And if you were so lucky to move only into a different area of the same town or city, there will be nothing for you to worry about.