The biggest challenges of moving your piano in NJ

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    People own pianos for various reasons. Some are professional musicians and need it in order to practice on a regular basis. Some are just music appreciators and like to occasionally sit behind the piano and amuse themselves and others. Very often this magnificent musical instrument is a part of a family heirloom. When the time comes to move house, this is one of the items that need to go with you as well. We highly recommend hiring piano movers NJ, if you want the job to be done flawlessly. If you decide to go a different way, you will experience challenges of moving your piano in NJ.

    The weight and shape as the challenges of moving your piano in NJ

    As you are all aware, pianos weigh a lot, regardless of the type and size. The majority of this weight is associated with the harp that holds the strings. The instrument is made out of a huge number of parts, that all add to the weight. Even the smallest pianos in size weigh easily around 300-400 pounds. The other thing about the piano that represents the challenge when moving it, is the size and shape. Things large in size do not necessarily have to weigh a lot, but in this case, the size has to do with the weight. On top of it all, it has a very unusual shape. And it does not weigh the same in all places, so the balance when carrying it is crucial. This is why engaging with movers NJ would be a good idea here.

    Model of a piano showing size and shape that represent challenges of moving your piano in NJ
    The odd shape of the piano is what makes it very difficult to transport

    Potential injuries during a piano move

    When something is heavy, you would just call a bunch of friends to help carry the load. Why this is not something we recommend in this case, is exactly because of the shape we already spoke about. And the fact that weight is not evenly distributed. When you have a thing which is very difficult to balance, you are in danger of hurting yourself. With this danger comes the potential damage of the property you are taking it out and also the piano itself. A strained back or an arm muscle is no joke, so better know what you are doing if you want to avoid all of this. There are many challenges of moving your piano in NJ, and this is just one of them.

    Not ruining the value is quite a challenge when moving your piano in NJ

    Due to their complexity, pianos have great value. We are talking about the monetary value here, but not only that. Pianos are rarely being bought new. People usually buy old ones, which have much greater value. So imagine having something so magnificent and valuable in your home, and then ruining it during relocation. If you are an antique collector, you are perfectly aware of the value and you would not want anything to happen to it during the move. The damage that the piano can sustain will certainly be costly to repair and also, your instrument might never sound the same after a certain hit or a fall. If you do not have where to keep the piano in your new home, make sure to find climate controlled storage NJ movers usually can provide. This way you will be able to somewhat protect your valuable instrument.

    An old piano in the attic
    Old pianos have greater values than the new ones

    Don’t overthink it but call the professionals to help

    As you can see from the above, there are really so many challenges when moving your piano in NJ. Whatever your emotional connection with this instrument is, we are sure you want what is best for it. The DIY approach here will rarely work and will bring a lot of risks. It does mean you will have to spend more money on your move than what you originally planned. Still, it is better to pay a bit extra at the beginning, than to face the costs of a damaged piano. As the proverb goes, it is better to be safe than sorry.