The secret to staying in touch after a long distance move

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    Staying in touch after a long distance move can be a difficult proposition... This is especially true if you never had to deal with such an issue before. Having friends, family, or a partner around means a lot, and having to leave them behind is definitely not something anyone of us wants to experience. Unfortunately, it so happens that in America we move a lot, more often than not for work, meaning that sometimes you have gone even if you are not too thrilled about the idea. This is especially true if you are still a teen and living with your parents.

    However, leaving does not mean saying goodbye and to your friendships as well. You can still stay in contact with your partner or your friends, but it will demand some adapting and getting used to it. We are here to give you some heads up on how it will all pan out and to give you some useful tools in order to stay in touch after a long distance move.

    Social networks for staying in touch after a long distance move

    First, of, let us go over the main way people stay in touch after they move using moving companies NJ – social media. Now, we are well aware of the reputation of social media. There has been a lot of talks lately about exactly what effects does social media has on our society at large and if it is good for you as a person. However, that should not detract from the main purpose of such networks – to create a social connection without concern about distance. That is absolutely perfect for when you want to stay in touch after a long distance move.

    Social networks for staying in touch after a long distance move - social netwoork apps
    There are tons of such apps!

    Various social network apps help you stay in touch by providing you with feeds of someone’s lives – most often in the form of images. That way, you can see what they are up to. Where they are going. How their haircut has changed. How their kids have grown etc. On platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you can hear their thoughts and maybe struck up an interesting conversation for when “how you been” simply inst a good enough opener.

    You can try social network sites and apps like:

    • Instagram – On this hit app you can try and stay connected via sharing of images. Staying in touch after a long distance move by seeing how a person changes and where it travels is a good way to do it.
    • Facebook – A heir to the throne of My space, it performs the same function. Pictures, texts, anything really – all can be found on Facebook.
    • Snapchat – The youngest of these is Snapchat, mostly suitable for younger generations (thought Tik Tok seems to be stealing that spotlight). If you want to be in frequent contact, Snapchat will give you the incentive to do just that!


    Now that we covered the most conventional way people of today use for staying in touch after a long distance move of their business via office movers NYC or their home with the residential counterpart – let us revisit the days of old. How did people in the past, before the internet, stay in contact over long distances. Well, that would be with exchanging of letters.

    You can very easily claim that the letters are largely outdated entirely. That would be true. Writing on a letter is definitely less convenient when wanting to actually talk to a person. You definitely want to wait for a few weeks to a month for a reply. However, that is not to say that letters fail to have any use.

    a message in a bottle
    Letters can really bring you closer!

    While they are no longer the optimal way to exchange meaningful information over large distances, they are a good thing for a niche way of communicating. There is something extremely organic about the way letters are written. Seeing someone’s handwriting truly does feel more personal. With small space and great times that are taken between replies, you will also write with care. You will measure each word and it will most likely be preserved as a cherished memory. Unlike the sea of thousands of short messages exchanged via apps, letters are personal and meaningful.

    Their purpose is to strengthen the emotional bond and that they do wonderfully. Try it out! Receiving a letter in the mail is truly a sensation of surprise and excitement that is hard to put into words.

    Video calls

    If you are more into actual talking, forget the phone lines – do a video call. Why have only the audio sensation when you can have a visual one at that. The same way you choose only the best movers NYC for your relocation and only the best apartment you can buy, you should also use the best possible way of staying in touch after a long distance move. Video calling is definitely that.

    Having to talk to someone face to face definitely increases the sense of being in one room. It is a good way to read emotions while talking and to have something resembling the good-old-days.

    Plan trips and have regular activities

    And speaking of the good-old-days of hanging out live, they have not been left in some storage somewhere. In most cases, traveling is an option that you should use. Be sure to do your best to host your friends or go to them. A taste of the old home now and then is a great way to stay in their hearts and minds.

    You can always visit!

    Finally, try having fun too. Online games on Discord, for example, or something more advanced. Even the elderly are able to get into the simplest of online card games quickly and that way you can spend quality game knights even when you are not te home!

    The secret is…

    Be sure to put out dates that you will have and to do your absolute best to stick by them. This goes for traveling, additional activities, talks, etc. A key thing about staying in touch after a long distance move is being able to rely on frequent communication. Having a feeling of reliability will help strengthen your relationship significantly.