Best housing opportunities in Brooklyn

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    If you are looking to move into Brooklyn, and are wondering what are all the cool housing opportunities in Brooklyn, then this article is just for you! There are many neighborhoods to explore but some are simply more attractive than others. Movage Moving & Storage has prepared the top 5 neighborhoods in Brooklyn for your housing needs.

    What are the best neighborhoods and housing opportunities in Brooklyn?

    Here are the top five places to buy a house in, currently:

    • Bay Ridge – Fort Hamilton
    • Kensington
    • Midwood
    • Brooklyn Heights
    • Flatbush and Northeast Flatbush
    The best neighborhood to purchase a one-bedroom apartment – Bay Ridge.

    Bay Ridge – Fort Hamilton

    If you are into purchasing a home with some space, you can’t go wrong with Fort Hamilton and Bay Ridge. These are the areas that have the most one-bedroom apartments for sale that go for around $350,000. However, what is really interesting is that the majority of these apartments are located within post-war buildings or in houses. Most of them have plenty of outdoor space and its own driveway.

    These areas provide much needed green space and the streets are quite wide. You get a suburban feeling, but you are actually in the thick of it. All the amenities of the big city are within hands reach but you feel like you are someplace else entirely. If you are a fan of suburban places, you simply can’t go wrong with either Bay Ridge or Fort Hamilton. Just decide would you like to live in a house or an apartment in Brooklyn and start searching for a perfect home!

    One of the places with the best housing opportunities in Brooklyn – Kensington

    Kensington is a place that has the shape of a narrow rectangle. However, this rectangle has a presence in both southern and central Brooklyn, where all the top neighborhoods are. In fact, Ocean Parkway that runs down the heart of Kensington is touching both. The neighborhood itself is mostly residential and the houses are brick row, single-family, Victorian style. Which means that there are large complexes of apartments. However, this comes with a median price of around $400,000 if you want to get a one-bedroom apartment or a studio.

    If you do decide to invest here, you will be inside one of the true melting pot neighborhoods. The diversity is simply incredible, with people all around the globe. There are many communities such as Eastern European, Chinese, Jewish, Latino, South Asian, and the Caribbean community, to name some of them.

    Another great thing about this area is its transit system. There are many bus and train routes that will take you wherever you need to go within the city.

    Want a Victorian-style house? Kensington is the right place for you!


    Neighborhoods in South-Central Brooklyn are one of the most attractive ones. That is why Midwood is one of the top places that Brooklyn local movers recommend. There are many housing options to choose from, such as two-story detached houses, multi-family homes, and even some low-rise apartment buildings.

    The population is also diverse, with communities such as Chinese, Pakistani, and Orthodox Jewish being the major ones. The median price for an apartment here is not that high, clocking at around $315,000 for a one-bedroom or even two-bedroom home.

    Midwood itself is mostly a commercial neighborhood. There are the strips of Flatbush Avenue, Nostrand Avenue, and the King’s Highway. You can expect to find great food in these places. Additionally, Midwood also has great transit options in trains (Q, B, F,2,5), and quite a few bus lines. This includes Select Bus Service, as well as some express routes, too.

    All of this, combined with the great schooling system within the neighborhood and the overall safety rating makes Midwood one of the best places to purchase a home in. However, the prices are steadily climbing, due to plenty of interest.

    Another place with best housing opportunities in Brooklyn – Brooklyn Heights

    There simply can’t be a list of best housing opportunities without mentioning Brooklyn Heights. This residential neighborhood still has plenty of studios and one-bedroom apartments for you to consider. The median price is around $350,000, which is quite high. Also, the studios here are not that big, compared to the other neighborhoods.

    All in all, this area is quite pricey. If you are moving in by yourself, or with one other person, you can consider Brooklyn Heights for your new home. Otherwise, you may be better served in other, more spacious, neighborhoods. The houses themselves are of the brownstone row variety but the main thing that you need to look at are the smaller places in pre-war apartment buildings. These are the ones that are more affordable than the others.

    But then you will not be living in Brooklyn Heights. This neighborhood is iconic and historic, with its signature architecture and streets that are lined with trees. There are also many parks in the area, as well as awesome views and good restaurants. But the cherries on the top are the transit options. They are simply unmatched.

    brooklyn bridge
    Great views and extraordinary restaurants – Brooklyn Heights!

    Flatbush and Northeast Flatbush

    Last but definitely not the least, Flatbush and its sub-neighbor Northeast Flatbush are places that are especially great for families. These neighborhoods are also great places to move to if you are moving your home office with you. The median price for a two-bedroom, one-bedroom or a studio apartment goes around $300,000. This is considered to be among the most affordable options among all of the neighborhoods.

    These housing options are mostly within apartment complexes built both pre-war and post-war. The styles represented are Victorian, brownstone, and row housing. In recent years, the development within the neighborhood has really been picking up pace, too. This means that the prices will most likely start to rise. The only thing that is lacking in this neighborhood is the green space. However, you can visit Prospect Park which is close by.

    But where it lacks greenery, it compensates with food options. The immigrant communities prepare really good meals and you will never run out of things to try. The transit system is also alright, though not in line with some other neighborhoods. You can catch the B, Q,5, and 2 trains and there are many other bus routes, as well.

    We saved the most affordable for last. Northeast Flatbush median price for these apartments is only around $235,000. If the price is what is most important for you, this is the best neighborhood of them all. The vibe is quite similar to Flatbush and the benefits are pretty much the same.