Things to do as a newcomer in NJ

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    We wish you a warm welcome to New Jersey! In the most densely populated state in the US, you will never feel lonely again. There are plenty of things that New Jersey is famous for. One of them is Jersey Shore, after which the television show got its name. And the other, likely most popular thing is the Atlantic City with its casinos and the boardwalk. But this is just the beginning of a long list of things to do and visit in New Jersey. We bring you things to do as a newcomer in NJ while your movers NYC are unpacking you.

    1. As a newcomer in NJ, you should get to know your neighborhood first

    This works for any state you have just moved to, not only New Jersey. A good idea to get to know your nearest surroundings before you start exploring the rest. New Jersey has some fascinating cities, and each of them has its unique charm. Don’t miss to learn more about them first weeks after your arrival. Relocations can be busy and stressful for a fact, but that is just a reason more to go out and relax as soon as possible. Besides, the sooner you are familiar with your neighborhood, the sooner you will stop feeling like an outsider.

    2. Visit some of the states parks

    New Jersey is known to be one of the most urbanized states in the USA. Still, fortunately, it does not luck nature and wildlife areas. Don’t skip the opportunity to rest your eyes on green upon arrival. Soon enough, you will be drawn into busy schedules and long working hours again. Moving companies NJ is there to help you during the move itself, but your relaxation time is equally important. So use your newcomer status for a little longer. At least, until you are completely rested and ready for the new beginnings.

    Cherry blossom in New Jersey park
    New Jersey state parks are the most beautiful in spring

    Some of the states park and wildlife areas worth visiting are:

    • Cape May Point State Park– with numerous restaurants and other attractions.
    • Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park– with the possibility of fishing or renting a canoe.
    • Lakota Wolf Preserve– if you would like to learn more about these magnificent animals.
    • Duke Farms– a place that will easily inspire you and motivate you to do better.
    • The Frelinghuysen Arboretum– history enriched with beautiful gardens. Suitable for flora lovers.

    3. If it is summer, go to the beach

    You do not have to spend time planning complicated tours, after all. Just visit one of the many New Jersey beaches, as simple as that. As a newcomer in NJ, you will have plenty to enjoy there. And if it is summer, even better,  you will instantly get that vacation vibes. Go for a dip in the water, grab a cocktail or enjoy some of the many music events on the shore. With so little effort, it is already a great start. Just keep in mind that summers are pretty hot and humid in New Jersey. In case you want to keep some of your temperature-sensitive items in a climate controlled storage NJ

    4. Atlantic city tour- a must when you are for the first time in NJ

    If you are more of the action than the relaxation type, then come to Atlantic City. People from all over the States come to experience Atlantic City. So, one could say you are lucky to have it so near. Crazy nightlife and signature casinos can not leave you unimpressed. Many argue that the best parties are no longer in Miami or Vegas, but they are now exactly here, in Atlantic City. Add to this one of the most world-famous boardwalks and you got yourself quite a tour.

    Atlantic city eye and a boat with Atlantic city inscription
    One of the first cities to visit as a newcomer in NJ is Atlantic city

    5. Unwind in Cape May

    One of the oldest USA resorts on the seaside, full of nature and attraction, could be your perfect start point. If you want somebody to start loving New Jersey instantly, bring them here. Equally suitable for kids, adults, and our elderly, Cape May won’t disappoint you. Different cruises, dolphin watching, and Grand Lighthouse tours are just some of your options. And for a completely different experience, there is Jersey Shore Alpacas friendly farm. So after hiring senior movers NYC, you know where to bring your seniors. 

    6. Have a nice dinner, or a Vineyard tour, or both

    You might have various ambitions after your move, but one thing is for sure, you will get hungry at some point. What a better way to relax than having a tasty dinner, in beautiful ambient, with a perfect glass of wine. It is worth mentioning, that there is not just one, but hundreds of places like this in New Jersey. Different kinds of cousins, renowned chefs, or budget-friendly diners, the choice is completely on you. Bonus is local wineries and breweries with completely original, and rich in flavors, drinks. Whether you decide to try a quick local vineyard tour or a whole-day hedonistic experience, you won’t make a mistake.

    wine tasting as a newcomer in NJ
    If you are coming from a state where there are no vineyards, wine tasting could be an interesting new thing to try

    7. Stay at home, order some food, and make a bubble bath

    You may have arrived in a new country, but you can still enjoy the familiar introvert’s paradise. Just because you are new in the city, doesn’t mean you need to get instantly overwhelmed by trying everything at once. Sometimes the best way to adapt to a new environment is to stay true to your good old habits. And, you do not have to feel guilty about it. There will be plenty of time to explore and try some new adventures. So just order some takeaway food and play your favorite tv show. Or even better, take a relaxing bubble bath while reading Cape May magazine. After the hustle of relocation, you could use it. Besides, with the COVID-19 pandemic still on, nobody could ever blame you for staying in and safe.

    As you can see, there are so many amazing things to do as a newcomer in NJ. Unfortunately, the time is scarce. So use it wisely. Because soon enough, you won’t be a newcomer any longer, and people will ask for advice about what to do in New Jersey.