You hired a fraudulent mover; what to do now?

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    Relocation is often a difficult and stressful process. Due to that, many people turn to hire a professional moving company to help them pack and prepare. However, sometimes things do not go as we plan. Today we talk about what to do if you hired a fraudulent mover. More importantly, how to recognize them and handle the situation. Unlike those movers, you can always count on assistance from moving companies NJ to help you pack and prepare for the relocation. Hiring a moving company should be a liberating experience since you will have the help and the means to make this relocation easier. Unfortunately, sometimes there are people with malicious intent. The probability of this happening is low, but not zero.

    How to know if you hired a fraudulent mover?

    Hiring a moving company, like best movers NYC, is a way of easing out the relocation process. With all the services a company has to offer to its clients, relocation is often not an issue. However, what if you hired someone who seems shady and untrustworthy? From the moment you speak to them, you can see that something might seem off. However, you might not be sure about your own thoughts. In this article, we will show you how to identify fraud and what you can do to stop the process of relocation with that company.

    the word scam alert as letters from scrabble to represent a hired fraudulent mover
    There are many red flags to see when talking to a fraudulent moving company – the sooner you acknowledge them the better
    • If the company does not share information about itself
    • You find it hard to get in contact with the moving company
    • They avoid coming to your home to evaluate the cost of the move
    • The whole process seems sped up on their side

    What to do if you find out that the company might be fraudulent?

    Now, the best way to prevent this from happening is to acknowledge these signs as a red flag. Taking precautionary measures is the best way to avoid these types of situations. However, not everyone will have the time or be in a situation to notice this right away. Therefore, you should pay close attention if you are moving on a shorter deadline. Just because you have little time to move does not mean you should agree to anything. If you think you hired a fraudulent mover you should back down from the agreement as soon as possible. From a legal perspective, you have every right to turn down the service if you suspect that the company will be a fraudulent one.

    Always ask for a contract or insurance before you agree on terms

    The best way to recognize a fraudulent moving company is to simply ask for their credentials. Moreover, a fraudulent moving company will almost always try to avoid giving information to the client. If a company does not state their company address and additional information regarding their business you should back down from the agreement.

    a picture of a contract and a black pen on top of it
    A contract or an insurance policy will help you legally recover from fraud in case you find yourself in that situation

    Many professional companies will always gladly share their information with clients. Not only to prove they are a legit moving company but to ensure clients that their relocation will have a professional approach. That is why you should always opt for insurance or ask for a contract. This way you can ensure your items are safe from theft and other malicious intentions.

    Contact law enforcement or local authorities if you think you hired a fraudulent mover

    In case you did not notice in time and you already have your items inside a moving truck – contact your local authorities. If you see any red flags from the moment you talked with the moving company you should be prepared. Namely, a contract can prevent the company from stealing any of your items. If the company does not offer you a contract that means they probably have malicious intent. The best way to solve this is to contact local law enforcement and let them do the job. These fraudulent moving companies might take your items hostage and blackmail you for them. Gather as much information about the company as you can. If you are unsure from the moment you contact them – write down their license plate as they pick up your items.

    Leave an online review on social media and the website

    There is a big chance you found out about a moving company via their website. Bear in mind that his website was probably made for the sole purpose of luring people for moving services. Before you decide to hire the movers, check to see if you can find additional company information on the website.

    a person typing on its laptop
    By leaving an online review you are helping other people recognize that a certain company is fraudulent

    Moreover, make sure you see the reviews of their services. Note that having all positive reviews will probably mean that the company is fake and fraudulent. If you experience fraud by a moving company, write down a review both on their website and on social media. This will raise awareness of this company and maybe help you avoid a scam.

    Contact your lawyer

    Your final option is to contact your lawyer in this situation. If you notice you hired a fraudulent mover you should immediately contact your lawyer and explain the situation. Especially if you signed a contract without reading all the parts of it. A fraudulent moving company might go the extra mile and arrange a contract that might protect them in this type of situation. If you sign it you will have a harder time getting your items back. The faster you get your lawyer involved in the situation the easier it will be to do something from a legal perspective. Basically, you should not waste time and wait to report this incident. The later you report it the harder it will be for the law to help you.