Tips for moving your home creative studio from Manhattan to Brooklyn

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    Your creative studio is probably something you are very proud of. Namely, this business allows you, as well as your co-workers or employees to make your thoughts into actions. Moreover, if this is your business, its importance is of high value to you if you are planning on moving it. Therefore, you need to do it properly. Luckily, we are here to share some tips on moving your home creative studio from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Although in your home, your creative space allows you to get into “the zone”. More importantly, this is probably the best spot in the house to get your ideas from. Therefore, moving such a room will require adequate handling and care. If you want to ensure the items from your studio arrive safely, consider hiring professional movers, like best movers NYC, to help you. With professional movers, relocations are much easier and safer.

    Moving your home creative studio from Manhattan to Brooklyn

    The creative studio you have in your home is the place you get your work done the most. In a sense, this creative studio is like an office to you. Because these studios are usually linked to working in spheres like digital marketing, design, copywriting, etc., you need to ensure it inspires you and makes you creative. If by any chance, you have a poor relocation experience, this might be endangered. That is why hiring movers, like Brooklyn movers, is the best solution for this process. Your items will arrive safely and the chances of damage are reduced.

    a laptop next to a PC in a home office
    Regardless of the field of work you do, your home office is of utmost importance to you, especially during the relocation period

    Now, because Manhattan and Brooklyn are relatively close to each other, being in the same city, this relocation can be done quickly. However, just because you would hire movers does not mean that there is nothing you can do to ensure everything goes smoothly.

    The role of the creative studio

    Making a creative studio in your home usually links to the pandemic of the coronavirus. Because of it, many people started working remotely. Luckily, people working from such studios usually can work remotely even in regular situations. Nonetheless, the creative studio you have in your home is more-less like an office. That is the place where you get most of your work done and where inspiration comes to you the most. Because it is like an office to you, you need to view it like one. That way, you can ensure that you do everything accordingly and reduce the chances of suffering financial losses during the period of moving. Apart from obvious, financial losses, breaking any type of equipment from the studio might induce high levels of stress. This can have a negative impact on the relocation process.

    Things to do when moving your creative studio to another home

    We understand that every item you have in your studio means a lot. Not only in a financial and sentimental way, but in a business way as well. These are all the means you are using to become creative and come up with new ideas for your projects. Because of that, it is very important that you ensure that everything goes according to plan when moving your home creative studio from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

    a man carrying a cardboard box that says "Office" while a woman packs in the background
    Your creative studio equipment is very important, not only due to its value, but because it allows you to do your job properly

    More importantly, you need to ensure that you safely transport these items without any issues. Failing to do so will leave you under high levels of stress. Stress can later cause delays. Therefore, this can impact the way you condone your business. As this is something we want to avoid, knowing how to approach it is important.

    • Disassemble your creative studio
    • Make a checklist of items you have
    • Contact professional movers

    Start moving your home creative studio from Manhattan to Brooklyn by disassembling it

    The first thing you need to do is disassemble the entire studio. This means that you have to unplug all the equipment like PC, printers, lights and everything else that you have. Next, you want to ensure that all the cables are there. If you do not plan on packing the equipment right away, place the cables according to the item they belong to. Later, use a bag or box to store all of the cables. If it makes it easier, you can label each cable or segment them into groups. For instance, you can group the cables according to the piece of equipment they go into and tape them all together. That way, once you arrive in your new home, you will avoid confusion.

    Make a checklist of items

    Write down each of the items you are planning on moving with you. That way, you can ensure they are all there both before and after moving them. Unlike moving your office long-distance, this relocation will be relatively quick. However, this does not mean that you should disregard the overall condition of your items.

    a woman making a checklist of items inside a box as you should when moving your home creative studio from Manhattan to Brooklyn
    A checklist will help you understand which items are packed and which items need packing

    Making sure that they are all there should be important to you. Therefore, creating a checklist of all of the items, cables, and supporting equipment are advisable in most cases. Especially when you are moving something as fragile and valuable as office equipment.

    Contact professional movers

    Moving your home creative studio from Manhattan to Brooklyn on your own carries a lot of risks. Firstly, because you might lack proper equipment or protective supplies to carry out the task. Secondly, because you might lack experience handling items of such delicacy and importance. Therefore, it is best that you leave it to the professionals. By contacting commercial movers Manhattan you will ensure that your items are in hands of someone with adequate experience in such a field. More importantly, professional movers will gladly provide you with advice on how to pack these items in order to ensure their protection. Finally, professional movers will have adequate equipment that will allow them to handle these items without much issue.