Tips for negotiating a moving package

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    You have been offered a job of your dreams, and you are over the moon about it. Accepting this job means you would need to move. If the job opportunity is really one in a lifetime, relocation should not be an issue. Even if you have a whole family that will need to move with you. Companies that offer jobs to people outside the city they are in, usually offer some sort of a moving package. It will not necessarily be great, so you need to learn the skills of negotiating a moving package. What if, for example, you own a piano and you do not want to get rid of it. Moving such a delicate thing is not cheap and requires hiring piano movers NJ companies have. Your new employer might not want to pay for such an extravagance. What should be your next step?

    Why negotiating a moving package is important?

    The moving package or, sometimes called, moving assistance is basically the same thing. It is the package deal that an employer offers to a new employee. There are some standard packages, but it will really depend on the company. No firm is legally obliged to cover expenses of the move of their new employees. But companies that take care of their people and want them to stay employed for a long period of time plan these types of expenses. No top-notch experts will accept the job offer is there is no package coming with it. That is why negotiating a moving package is essential. Especially if accepting the job means moving to another state. A person needs to mentally prepare for moving day, so all help that a new employer can offer will be appreciated.

    An expert for negotiating a moving package
    It is important you try and negotiate your moving package, especially if you are a top-notch expert in your field of work

    The most common types of moving packages

    There are few types of most common moving packages that we will talk about in this paragraph. Each of them has its bad sides, but it is best for people who are actually moving to decide which one fits their needs most:

    • Lump-Sum – This means that you will sign an agreement for a specific amount of money to be given to you. With that amount, you will be free to cover your expenses, from hiring movers to renting a climate controlled storage NJ has to offer. Be careful, every expense outside that amount will have to come from your pocket
    • Reimbursement – This might sound similar to Lump Sum, but it is a bit different. Instead of giving you the money, the company will put a cap on a certain amount, and ask you to submit receipts within that amount of money. Both Lump Sum and Reimbursement require thorough research, as you will need to pay for everything outside the agreed amount.
    • Third Party – This means that the employer will pay for someone outside the company to take care of all the logistics of moving and packing. There will be no need to keep track of the costs and receipts.

    Negotiating a moving package

    Bear in mind that there is always room for negotiation, as long as it will not cost your new employer a fortune. If you are moving to the state you have never been to before, it is essential you visit the place even before you move. Ask your new employer to pay the expense of your travel, so you can meet up with a real estate agent. Maybe even check out some schools, in case you have school-age kids. Moving interstate means your spouse will have to leave their job. Serious firms should find a way to make up for this, as you will be the only one with incomes for a while. There is no chance you’ll be able to find a home so quickly. Therefore, your new company should pay the costs of 2-3 months of renting a house or an apartment.

    Real estate made out of scrabble tile
    Before moving you should meet with the real estate agent and look for some houses

    Things often not included in the moving package

    Even when things are not included in your contract, you should ask for them, if it makes sense. For example, storage solutions are rarely included in moving packages. If you plan on buying the house as soon as you sell the old one, you will be renting a place for a while. It is almost certain that all your things will not fit into your rented home. Therefore, you will need to rent a storage unit until you settle in your new home. If you are moving without furniture, you should ask for an allowance to buy some. There is also something called a disturbance fee. Only some companies will agree to pay this, but you should be persistent. This fee should cover certain changes your new job and relocation caused.