Tips for organizing a ladies’ night after moving to Queens

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    You’ve already gone through all the hassle of choosing one of the best moving companies NYC, moving to NYC, packing, unpacking, you’re so done and tired. Well, now once everything is finished it’s time for a ladies’ night after moving to Queens! If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry, we’ve got some of the best tips. You’ll have fun organizing this ladies’ night and your ladies will remember it forever!

    An indoor ladies night

    Ladies’ night out in Queens

    First, let’s talk about all the amazing places you can visit in Queens on a night out. Queens is located in the eastern part of NYC and is the biggest NYC borough. Queens is known for being very multicultural, with residents choosing to identify as people from Queens rather than their race or their Newyorker identities. It is the most linguistically diverse place on Earth and the most ethnically diverse in the US. Once your Queens movers have settled you into your new home, you’re feeling a sense of “I need to celebrate!”. So let’s celebrate!

    Since Queens is an NYC borough, there are many nightclubs to choose from when going out with friends. But a perfect ladies’ night out isn’t only about the clubs. They are the finale of the night and the place you stay the longest, but for a successful ladies’ night out we’d suggest starting with some food at a restaurant. And for the wilder ladies, pre-drinks!


    One of the most favorite parts of going out for many people is the pre-drinks. If you’re the one organizing the girls’ night out, then likely pre-drinking will be at your home. For a successful pre-drinking you’ll need just a few things:

    • drinks
    • snacks
    • activities

    A fan favorite pre-drinks activity is, of course, getting ready for the night out. Tell all your girls to bring their make-up, loungewear, face care products, etc. Start out with showering and doing each other’s hair. Then you can go into the skincare products and put on some masks while sipping on some champagne.

    Girls eating pizza
    Some good food and good drinks before going out to do the trick.

    Champagne is not a must, but there is no better drink for a girls’ night out. Snacks should be light and small, perhaps some finger foods that can fill you up nicely, but won’t leave you bloated for the club. You have your NYC movers and packers to thank for a reason to celebrate!


    For the ladies who battle horrible migraines after a night out drinking, our advice is to start off the night by getting a nice filling meal and some cocktails. For a night of drinking, lean meats and salad are preferred, basically foods low on carbohydrates. This will keep you full, and more importantly, won’t make you feel sick.

    The perfect ladies’ night after moving to Queens is just around the corner. Just choose your preferred restaurant in Queens and go enjoy yourself with the ladies.

    Ladies’ night after moving to Queens deserves the right nightclub!

    Now that you’ve finished pre-drinking or your amazing meals, it’s time to choose the right location for the partying! The most popular and wildest club in Queens you can visit is the Basement. With amazing music, affordable drinks, and an atmosphere you won’t believe. Be sure to check it out. If Basement isn’t your vibe, you can always consult locals or even your friends to see where you should go. Since you’re organizing, remember to make reservations in advance! You wouldn’t want your chosen nightclub to be full and your ladies can’t get in.

    Once the clubbing is over, just be sure that all of your girlfriends get into their Ubers safe. Or alternatively, if you’re going back to your place for a quick night’s rest and a crazy brunch the next day all the better. You just have to stay together and get into the same Uber.

    Girls clubbing
    Clubbing with the girls will forever be the best way to party!


    Brunch is an inescapable part of clubbing. What’s better than meeting up after a crazy night at the nightclub for a hungover meal and gossip? You need to share your events from the last night, talk about the people you met and your hookups. After-party brunch is maybe the most fun part of going out. Everyone is tired and hungry and you just want to talk smack about people from the party. What a delight!

    Ladies’ night in Queens

    If your ladies have had enough of the nightlife, what you need to prepare is a ladies’ night in. It would start all the same with champagne and self-care. You can mix it up though by asking your friends to each bring a smaller meal to the party so that you all can enjoy different foods.

    Cocktail night

    Popularized by TikTok, you might like to try a cocktail night where each person makes a different cocktail. Usually, people go by color, and to add a bit more to the atmosphere, not only are the cocktails a certain color, but each person’s outfit matches their cocktail. This is the perfect way to try out some new things you haven’t tried before as well as to get crazy drunk with your friends.

    Your cocktail theme can be anything you like, not only colors. For example, a Harry Potter or Friends theme. The most important thing is that everyone is having fun. And when everyone gets wasted you can finally show off what your piano movers NYC brought in.

    Movie night

    And the evening could end perfectly with a movie everyone can enjoy. You can always go for something girly like Mean Girls, we know everyone loves that movie. Or to add a little bit of spice, maybe some new horror movie. Screaming with friends is a new kind of fun!

    We hope ladies’ night after moving to Queens will be a blast!