What is the cost of an interstate move

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    An interstate move can seem daunting. Moving thousands of miles from home is hard as it is, but having some people handle all of your possessions on the way in a separate vehicle. It can introduce a certain level of anxiety in people. However, while some may have a problem with this, a much more common problem with interstate moving is that it costs a lot. With an average of 5000 $ per move, interstate relocations truly do cost a pretty penny… But how is the cost of an interstate move determined? What are the factors that influence the cost and what can you do to make sure that the cost is as low as possible? Read more and find out.

    How is the cost calculated

    Ok, so let’s start with the important bit. You came here to find out how the cost of an interstate move is set? Let us tell you.

    So, the three biggest factors that are making out the cost of your move are the weight of whatever it is that you are moving, the distance you are going as well as labor that is being employed to handle the move. If you had experience with local moves, you might think that the time the relocation will take is an important factor, but no. When you are trying to calculate the cost of an interstate move, the distance between that climate controlled storage NJ of yours to your destination and the weight of the things you will be moving will be the most important.

    Get your calculator ready!

    The average cost of an interstate move we have mentioned in the intro is based on the most common distances and weights moved.  That is around 1200 miles and 7500 pounds. If you are near those numbers, expect around 5000$ price tag.

    Weight is an important factor because of the amount of fuel the truck/s will need to relocate you. The heavier they are, the more pricey it will be. The same goes for distance. Further away they go, the more fuel they have to spend. Furthermore, there will be a price of labor that is different from state to state.

    All in all, the cost of an interstate move will not be a small one, but at least you can count on it being easy to calculate. Unlike with local moves where there is some ambiguity as to how the cost is calculated, here you are perfectly in the clear.

    Additional criteria

    If you are moving valuable items you might want to consider some other expenses to add. For example, insurance. Now, companies themselves already offer some form of insurance. Due to Federal regulation, interstate movers must provide some form of protection for your items. That protection can take one of two forms.

    The first one is Released Value Protection. It is the bare minimum of what should be considered. It will repay you .60 cents for every pound of cargo that was damaged or lost. Of course, this is far from ideal. Some other moving companies, however, do Full Value Protection. This one is much fairer. Should something be damaged, the moving company will either replace the cargo in question or reimburse you for the cost.

    Should neither option sound any good to you, you should try having outside insurance for any of the companies you choose out of interstate movers NJ. If you have your own insurance, it will cost you more, but it will also make sure that getting back your items (well, getting back their value) will be a much more straightforward thing.

    Furthermore, you can also hire some additional services. These would be things such as packing or storage. These would only add to the cost of an interstate move, but they could be very valuable.

    How to get a fair cost of an interstate move

    If you want to get your cost as low as possible, there are a number of things you can do. You can try to pack everything yourself, get as many estimates as possible, etc. However, if you want the cost of an interstate move to be fair without a shadow of a doubt then you need to pick the right one out of the many international shipping companies in New York. How should you do this? What are the criteria that you should be judging the moving companies by?

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    You need good movers!

    Well, first off, and this is especially true with an interstate relocation – you want your movers to have a proper license. You must not have any compromise on this matter. An unlicensed mover is not bound by many regulations that are put in place in order to protect you from exploitation. Furthermore, you don’t want subcontractors. If you are signing a deal with a company, you will want that company to actually do the deal, not someone else. Scams are not common, but there are some and you should do your best to avoid them. That means no verbal agreements and absolutely no blank contracts.

    Recognizing fake reviews

    The best way to see if the company is any good at interstate relocation is to check out the experiences that their previous customers have to offer. There are such platforms as Yelp, Facebook or Google that will allow you to see reviews for various companies, including interstate relocation companies.

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    How do you Recognize fake reviews?

    Here you will be able to find out if their prices are fair and their capabilities enough. However, beware of fake reviews. Here is how you can recognize them:

    • Too obvious. Eather extremely positive or extremely negative. You will find them to be of little worth.
    • Weird wording. The language used is simply…off? Probably a bot account
    • Undetailed. For you to conclude if the cost of an interstate move the company is offering is fair, you need details. A review without a description is not a useful one.

    To summarise

    In summary, the cost of an interstate move is calculated primarily by distance and weight. An average cost will go for around 5000 dollars. You should consider if you need insurance or any other services that would increase the cost.