Which packing supplies to buy for a local move

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    Moving locally can be just as stressful as moving long-distance. If you are getting your inventory ready for this process, you should get the best quality packing supplies. Using the right materials for packing inventory will help you prevent any damage or loss during this process. There are packing supplies in various sizes, shapes, and materials. In order to find out which ones you need, make sure to assess your inventory first. Before you hire reliable Brooklyn movers to help you organize the moving day, take a look at the following guide. Take a look at which packing supplies to buy for a local move.

    How to prepare for the packing process?

    When it comes to the packing process, moving household inventory is a similar process for most people. Even though we are talking about short-distance moving, securing your inventory will be important. Whether you plan to relocate books, clothes, or antique furniture, you shouldn’t save money on quality packing materials. Since there are a few different types of items you will pack, let’s see which packing supplies to buy for a local move.

    dog in a moving box
    For a local move, you will need to get cardboard boxes in various sizes.
    • Clothes, books, and other non-sensitive items – these are the items you will most likely pack with ease. Since these are not fragile, all you need is a few moving boxes in various sizes. Before you decide which clothes to pack for a local move, consider decluttering your closet. This will speed up the packing process for sure.
    • Kitchen items and electronics. Packing these items will require some extra cushioning materials. You should pack each item individually and make sure to use enough bubbly paper.
    • Valuable inventory. Depending on the size and shape of the item, you might need to double pack your inventory. If you don’t know how to secure them for the move, you can always hire professional packers.
    • Antique furniture, mirrors, and other bigger items. Moving companies specialize in relocating these items, so you better let them handle this part of packing.
    • Musical instruments and bulky inventory. Besides standard packing supplies, packing these things will require special equipment. Most people hire professional movers for packing and relocating these items.

    Moving locally- which packing supplies to buy?

    There are many different types of packing supplies you can buy. They are usually not expensive, but you should make sure to buy enough of them. Whether you are packing mirrors, clothes, electronics, or confidential documents, take a look at the following list. Let’s see which packing supplies to buy for a local move.

    person holding books
    The good news is – packing books and clothes will not require special packing materials.

    Moving boxes in various size

    Standard cardboard boxes are good for packing most of your inventory. Before buying them, you should calculate your inventory and see which ones you should get. You can get these boxes in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. In case you need a waterproof alternative, you can get plastic bins instead of these boxes.

    Cushioning materials

    The best way to secure your inventory for transportation is to make sure it will stay in place inside the boxes. For this purpose, you should use different cushioning materials. Supplies like bubble wrap, packing paper, and cellophane wrap are just some of the materials you could use. For packing furniture and fragile items, you should also use moving blankets.

    Packing tape

    No matter how many boxes you need to pack, this tape will help you secure each box for transportation. You will need a standard packing tape or a wider – shipping tape in case you want to ship some of your inventory overseas. If you decide to hire professional movers, they will let you know which packing supplies to buy for a local move. Unless, of course, you decide to pay for their packing service.

    Scissors, box cutters, and similar supplies

    Packing household or office items require a few more supplies. Besides actual packing supplies, you will need scissors, sticker labels, a labeling device, or markers. Keep in mind that labeling your moving boxes will ease the unpacking process. 

    Will you need professional moving assistance?

    If you are wondering whether you should hire movers for a local move, the answer will depend on a few factors. In case you are moving last-minute and have a large inventory,  hiring them could be a great idea. Also, professional movers could handle those items you want to ship overseas or put in storage. For this purpose, you should look for the best international shipping companies NJ has to offer. A reliable moving company will explain which packing supplies to buy for a local move and help you find them. Most movers provide their own packing supplies which could be a time-saver.

    kitchen isle
    Professional packers could help you decide which packing supplies to buy.

    Professional packers could do all the hard work for you

    People often underestimate the size of a local move. When moving within the same city, packing large inventory can be just as difficult as packing if for a cross-country move. Before you decide which packing supplies to get for this process, make sure to calculate your inventory. Keep in mind that local moving will take time to plan, especially if you have a large inventory to relocate. With the right packing supplies and a packing plan, you shouldn’t have a hard time handling this process. After all, professional movers are always available for help.

    Moving locally can be easy and efficient, especially if you secure your moving boxes the right way. After you decide which packing supplies to buy for a local move, all there’ll be left to do is to wrap and secure each one of your items. Make a packing plan and don’t rush this process. Quality packing supplies will secure your inventory and prevent any damage or loss during transportation.