Why is it complicated to move a piano

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    Moving consists of things that you have to move. It is sometimes easier but it can be much harder too. Everything depends on the things that you want to move. One of the hardest items to move is certainly a piano. It is a bulky item where you have to be very careful if you want to avoid injuries and have a nice move. It will certainly be easier with the help of piano movers NJ but that does not make it a piece of cake. Here are some reasons why it is complicated to move a piano. Be sure to inform yourself before going this road alone!

    Is it complicated to move a piano?

    Nothing is 100% true when moving. Everything is different. But, there are some things that are the same for all.

    • Weight
    • Distance
    • Fragility


    We have to talk about the weight of your piano. There are various differences in weight, depending on what type of piano you want to move. But, most of them are heavy. That makes everything much harder. Also, it is an excellent opportunity for you to injure yourself. One of the worst moving mistakes is that you try to do everything on your own even though you can’t. You have to sit down and think whether it is over your head or not.

    a beam scale - complicated to move a piano
    The weight can be a big obstacle when moving a piano

    The distance can complicate relocating a piano

    It is easier to move a piano locally. But, it is much more complicated when you have to relocate a piano long-distance. That is a lot of miles that you have to cover. This is a critical period because if you do not prepare the piano properly, you risk the damage that could be big. If this is the case and you are moving long-distance, be sure to think about hiring professional help because they will know better how to handle everything.


    Piano as a whole is not that fragile. What we mean is that it can survive scratches. But, there are many parts that a piano has inside. Most of them are fragile and that is something you should have on your mind. If something gets damaged, there is a good chance that the piano as a whole will not work properly. This makes preparing and packing your piano crucial because you want to avoid problems at all costs. As we have mentioned, you should consider and hire professional movers because they have all the necessary knowledge to protect you and your piano. If you go on your own, you will most likely make mistakes that cost you. It is always better to go the safe route.

    a fragile sign on the box
    Pianos have many small fragile items

    Be careful when relocating a piano!

    You probably get by now that it can be pretty complicated to move a piano. But, it is not impossible. It is always better to have help in form of movers NJ by your side but no one says that you can’t do it on your own. Just be sure to consider every single aspect before you commit.