3 storage tips for summer essentials

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    Whatever kind of clothing you are packing long-term you need to be careful and do it properly to avoid damage. From worrying about termites to having a hard time deciding what to put away and what to keep somewhere close by, just in case you need it. It can be hard. Here are some storage tips for summer essentials from Movage Moving + Storage. With ways to store your clothes easily and safely.

    Vacuum seal them

    You can easily get some quality vacuum seal bags for your clothes. This is also a great way to save space. So if you are for example renting climate controlled storage NJ you can save up a lot of space by using vacuum seal bags. But keep in mind that there is speculation that storing clothes in vacuum seal bags for a long period of time could damage the clothes. But it is a rare thing to happen and vacuum seal bags should be safe most of the time. And are also a great way to save space and organize your clothes easily.

    Clothes hanged on clothes rack
    Vacuum sealing your clothes will both protect them and save you space


    One of the best storage tips for summer essentials is to use airtight plastic containers

    A great thing about airtight plastic containers is that they keep the clothes dry and prevent fungus from showing up. So before using the containers make sure to clean them well and make sure that they are completely dry. You can put some cotton sheets in the containers before placing clothes into them. Now if you have some more expensive or just clothes which you love a lot. You can get higher quality acid-free boxes for your clothes. If you are planning to move, when looking for movers NJ you can inquire whether they provide quality containers for clothes.

    It is important to wash the clothes before storing them

    It might seem like an obvious thing to do, but it often gets overlooked. And if you are planning to move, knowing that your clothes are clean and properly packed will make it easier to mentally prepare for the move. It is well known that dirty clothes attract insects like termites and other bugs are much more likely to go after dirty clothes. So make sure that you wash them and that they are dried out properly before storing them. If you don’t your clothes will get ruined by things like:

    • Dirt settling into clothes
    • Surface stains
    • Thermites and other bugs
    Woman inside the laundromat following one of the storage tips for summer essentials and washing her clothes
    Don’t forget to wash your clothes and dry them well

    One of the most important storage tips for summer essentials is to check them often

    It is very important that you often check on your things in storage. This will reduce the risk of damage and if any starts you will prevent it in time. Make sure that you check at least every two months and that you don’t forget to do it. You can always set a reminder on your phone to not forget. That is an easy way to stay on top of it and not worry about forgetting to do it.