Why you should never relocate a piano by yourself

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    Because the piano is on one side heavy instrument but on the other very sensitive, moving a piano is a very tricky process. That would mean that you need professional help. Don’t relocate a piano by yourself, because you can make irreversible mistakes. And that means more damage than use. So, hold on to our instructions and see how you can move a piano avoiding risky situations.

    Find the right movers and relocate a piano

    It has come very clear to you by now, that moving a piano won’t be such easy work. Your piano is a dear memory for you, so despite its financial value, it has one more value for you. And that is emotional. But, it is massive and heavy, so you are right when you have fears that it can damage. So, be reasonable and find the right professional assistance to relocate a piano. Let’s say that you are moving to New York City. If that is the case, hire piano movers NYC because the will provide professional relocation and the best care for your piano. Their workers are specialized in piano relocation. And that means that they know exactly what it takes to safely move a piano.

    You shouldn’t try moving a piano by yourself because you can damage it severely. On the inside, the piano is a very sensitive instrument. The cords and piano keys can easily break if you don’t know how to treat it during relocation. That is why you need professional movers because they know how to turn it around so they can safely get it out fro the house. Their moving trucks are equipped for piano relocation and in there it will be secure. They will fix it with ropes to disable moving in the truck during the bumpy ride. So, call your movers and set the moving date!

    -relocate a piano
    Do not try to relocate a piano on yourself because you can damage it severely!

    Treating massive instruments

    Well, we all agreed that the piano is a massive instrument. You shouldn’t try to move a piano by yourself because it is very heavy and you can hurt yourself. And when we say that you can hurt yourself, we mean that you can hurt your back and arms. Not to mention that it can fall from your arms onto your legs! So don’t you ever try that! Call for professional help. If you are moving to New York City, you need the best movers NYC because they know how to deal with the relocation of your favorite instrument.

    It is very important to realize the importance of having movers around. For them, it will be crucial to inspect the piano and search for damages. Because if it already has damages, they can only get bigger during transportation. And no one wants that to happen. That is why they will inspect the piano first and then search for the best way to get it out safely from the house. Safe piano disposing means that they will do everything in their power to load it into the moving truck without any damage.

    -damaged walls
    If you try to move a piano on your own you can damage the walls in your house.

    Pack and relocate a piano

    When you want to relocate a piano you need to think about safe packing. Safe packing includes special moving and packing services for a safe relocation. Let’s say that you are moving to NYC. Therefore, arrange special packing services NYC and you will see the magic at work! People that work in the moving company are experts in what they do. They have been through all kinds of training for safe piano relocation. All you need is their assistance because they will provide adequate moving supplies. And those moving supplies you cannot find on your own.

    As we once said before in the text, the piano is very massive. Your movers know that it first needs to be safely wrapped with a special cloth and bubble wrapping. In this way, the strength of possible impacts during transportation is minimized. Then, the movers tighten the piano with ropes from one side to another. When they got it ready for loading, they need to figure out the way how to get it out. And not to damage the walls or the furniture by doing it.

    The budget

    You need to create a budget for relocating a piano to know how much it is going to cost you. There is no other way. You shouldn’t try moving it on your own, because you don’t know anything about the moving process. And we can assure you that it is nothing like relocating your things from one room to another. It is a serious process and it takes serious people. If you are moving to New York City, hire the best movers, and get the right estimate NYC. Moving specialists know how to calculate the costs of moving. Also, they know exactly what kind of information they need for doing it.

    Creating a budget for moving a piano is not a very easy work. It takes experience and skills. And you just don’t have either of them. So, trust the right movers and tell them everything they want to know about the relocation. For example, what is the distance from your new home, do you have an elevator, or do you need storage services, etc. Those are all important inputs for estimating costs. But, beware of fraud. You can see now why you cannot move a piano on your own.

    -money and calculator
    To find out how much money you need for relocation, you need to consult professional movers!


    As you can see if you want to relocate a piano safely, just call a professional mover because you will avoid possible risks of damage. All you need to do is to try to relax and rely on your movers for everything else about moving.