Moving bulky items 101

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    In almost every relocation, there is a need to relocate bulky items. Most of us have at least several of these items, ranging from armoires through beds to pianos. Obviously the best way to go about moving your piano is to simply hire piano movers NJ and let them handle the preparation and heavy lifting. If you are about to be moving bulky items on your own, however, you will need to do quite a bit of preparation, as well as aforementioned heavy lifting. So, with that in mind, let’s see:

    Moving bulky items – How to do it properly?

    Before you start the process of moving these items, you need to know a few things. The list below will provide you with a quick summary of almost everything that you need to know:

    • What are the risks of packing and moving bulky items?
    • Use proper packing materials for moving bulky items
    • How to pack and move bulky items on your own
    • Hire a professional moving company
    Find out what are the risks of packing and moving bulky items.

    What are the risks of packing and moving bulky items?

    The risks inherent in bulky items come mostly from their size and weight. By moving them incorrectly, that same size and weight can cause a lot of problems all around. For example, you can damage the floor if you simply want to slide these items to the moving truck. If you are lifting them, you might not do it properly and risk injuring yourself or others. Then there is the risk of damage to the items themselves. If you did not prepare these bulky and heavy items appropriately, the risk of damage is actually quite high. And these items are usually quite valuable. Otherwise, you would not go through the trouble of relocating them.

    Then there are specific risks for specific items. For example, anything that is considered hazardous incurs a lot more risk when relocating. The same goes for extremely fragile items, such as statues and similar art objects. When handling such items, make sure you either know what you are doing, have a moving company as your partner, or insure the items beforehand. Actually, it is always a good idea to insure valuable objects so you can recoup the full price. Regular moving insurance only covers by weight, and even then it is not much.

    Use proper packing materials for moving bulky items

    You will need a lot of different packing materials for these items, depending on the items in question, of course. Some moving blankets are a must, to start with. You will need those to cover the items thoroughly, not having any part of the item exposed. Then you will need packing tape and cardboard sheets. The sheets will usually be cut into smaller pieces and placed on the corners of the items, but you can also use them as padding. The packing tape is self-explanatory, you will use it to secure all other materials to the bulky item you are transporting.

    Use moving blankets to protect your bulky items during the relocation.

    You may also need bubble packs and some other materials, depending on what you are moving to. The best way to go about acquiring packing materials is to simply contact your moving company, even if you are not planning on hiring them for this task, and ask them for some advice. They will be happy to provide you with direction and advice on how to go about moving bulky items.

    How to pack and move bulky items on your own

    If you do end up needing to pack and move these items on your own, then you need to minimize the risk to yourself and the items. First, start by doing some research on what you might need. Then, figure out the route that you are taking with the item, will you need climate controlled storage NJ or not, what kind of additional tools you might need, and so on. The more you spend time researching and preparing, the easier it will be to move the items when it finally comes to that. As with everything else, preparation is key. You will definitely need some big boxes for this task if you plan on using boxes at all.

    However, all the preparation in the world will not help you if you can’t actually lift and move the items in question. You might need additional manpower for the task and this is where your friends and family come in. Simply ask them for their help in moving bulky items and it will be a lot easier. If you are simply not in a situation to ask anyone and you can’t afford to hire the services of any moving companies, you can always hire simple labor workers to help you out.

    Hire a professional moving company

    However, the absolute best way to move these items is to hire a professional moving company. Sure, you will be paying a bit extra than if you moved the items yourself, but it is actually quite worth it. The moving companies have all the necessary tools, materials, and knowledge that are required to move these items safely. The risk of damage, either to the items themselves or to the surroundings will be minimal. They know what they are doing. They also have specialized moving services for some of the difficult items to move, such as a piano or a home safe. But their greatest asset is their experience. Once you’ve moved countless heavy and bulky items, you know on the spot what is the optimal thing to do.

    Hire a professional moving company to assist you.

    Regardless of what you choose, moving bulky items is definitely not easy. Even moving companies will sometimes have issues in cramped spaces. Sometimes you will need to disassemble the entire item or just a part of it. Much of it is improvisation, truth be told. But by following the advice above, you will give both you and your items the best chance of arriving at your new destination unscathed. And that, ultimately, is what is really important.