Art exhibitions in NYC

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    Moving to New York means having access to everything that you can ever imagine. From extravagant nightlife to rich cultural life. And if you are an artist yourself, moving to the Big Apple is like moving to some sort of art Mecca. You will be able to visit a lot of museums and art exhibitions in NYC and check out the competition. But first things first! You need to arrange for movers NYC to move all of your stuff to your new apartment. If you own some art pieces of your own, or art in general, just make sure your movers are aware. Art will need to be packed more carefully and labeled so it is not damaged during transportation.

    Preparing for art exhibitions in NYC

    If you have set the date for your new art exhibition in NYC, you need to start preparing. When it comes to creating art that will be exhibited in the gallery of your choice, we cannot speak of preparation. We are aware that each artist has its own way and speed in which they are creating their work. What we can give advice on actually is how to transport your art from your home to the exhibition space and who to engage in this sort of move. One of the things that might be worth thinking about when moving art to a gallery is should you hire a moving coordinator. They know how to handle different types of art and how to find good art moving company. If you are a sculptor or painter, your pieces will have to be carefully packed and transported to the gallery.

    A man creating art
    Art creation can be a slow process but transportation of it from the workplace to the gallery can be quick and efficient

    The variety of exhibitions in New York

    Whether you are an artist yourself, or just a great admirer of art, you must use the opportunity to see most of the art exhibitions in NYC. The variety is so big, so everyone can find something for their own taste. The museums and galleries will not be full only with the contemporary art of the local artists, but also with some guest exhibitions from artists all over the world. Sometimes, some foreign galleries are actually acting as a guest in New York, so people are able to see their show, which they wouldn’t be able otherwise. This allows for the cultural life in NYC to bloom and in a way makes it the center of all the important happenings. People who are of great help when it comes to these exhibitions are art movers NYC, as they are the most experienced with the transportation of fragile and valuable goods.

    Exhibitions in NYC that marked 2020

    We will try to name only a few that caught our eye and were something that you shouldn’t have missed. One of the greatest things that happened in March was the Guggenheim museum’s exhibition of Jackson Pollock’s “Mural”, which has not been seen for 20 years. You will be able to visit the museum and see this piece until February 2021. When it comes to glamour and partying, you cannot but think about Studio 54. The exhibition of photography, fashion, film, and more dedicated to this legendary discotheque took place from March till July this year in Brooklyn Museum. One more that we found interesting was Making the Met in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which pays tribute to the transformations of the museum from 1870 through 2000.

    The Guggenheim museum where you can see a lot of art exhibitions in NYC
    Guggenheim hosted Jackson Pollock’s art not seen in 20 years

    Things to see by the end of the year

    Here come suggestions about upcoming exhibitions by the end of this year if you like visiting art exhibitions in NYC. If you are into fashion design, make sure to check out in The Metropolitan Museum of Art this October. You will be able to see the work of textile designer Suzie Zuzek. The Morgan Library and Museum in NYC will be hosting the London National Portrait Gallery’s David Hockney exhibit this fall. You can see this from October through January next year. In Whitney Museum, you are still not late to check out the work by Ethiopian artist Julie Mehretu. NY Botanical Garden is the host from May till November to Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition, which is a variety of installations throughout the 250 acres of landmark landscape and buildings.