Fine art moving mistakes you should avoid

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    Whether you are moving or simply renovating your home, moving fine art is always a serious project. You must protect your valuable belongings adequately to minimize the possibility of any unfortunate events. Therefore, such a task requires a bit of preparation, and of course, you will have to hire the best movers NYC. We bring you the fine art moving mistakes you should avoid and how to do it.

    Damaging your art while cleaning is one of the fine art moving mistakes you should avoid

    Regardless of the nature of your items and the shape they are in, you should clean it. It is a perfect time to check the state your art is in. Some of it might need cleaning or refurbishing. Whatever the case, here are the tips on how to do it:

    • Our skin has natural oils that can damage your artwork. Especially if we are talking about books or canvas. Therefore, wear leather gloves to avoid these kinds of damages. Moreover, gloves will protect your items against scratches possibly caused by fingernails.
    • It is important what kind of cloth you are using while cleaning your precious items. Microfiber is the way to go. It is best used for removing dust on any surface. But be sure to be patient and apply mild pressure while cleaning.
    • One of the most important fine art moving mistakes you should avoid is to use chemicals while cleaning your artwork. Especially when cleaning books, canvas, picture frames, etc.
    • Since you are forced to move your artwork already, it would be the best time to refurbish some of it if needed. Inspect your furniture and bigger pieces. Wooden furniture can be glazed with a wooden polish while metal ones with oil-based protection and rust repellant. This will refresh your items and bring them closer to their original look.

    If you want to clean and refurbish your items but you are not sure if you can do it yourself, seek the help of a professional. Read about it online or visit and art dealer to get some pointers on the best approach for this situation. Better safe than sorry, after all, your items are irreplaceable.

    The packing fine art moving mistakes you should avoid

    When it comes to packing, you’ll need some packing materials and a seriously careful approach. Although, if you want to skip this part of your relocation think about moving services NYC. Among them, you’ll find highly useful packing services. Movers can handle packing instead and prepare everything for transport. But, if you want to participate or to do this yourself, you should know a couple of things. Yes, what kind of packing materials you use matters, but it is much more important the way you pack your items. Therefore, visit a hardware store and obtain high-quality packing tape, blister packs, cardboard boxes, and plastic bins.

    box, tape and scissors
    Blister pack is the best possible packing defense. Be sure to use it.

    But for highly valuable and unique pieces, visit one of the shops that supply you with artwork protective gear. Now when you have everything, start packing. Big furniture should be wrapped in a protective sheet or a tarp. The same goes for picture frames and similar objects. While small and medium-sized pieces wrap individually using a blister pack. Very small items like figurines and valuable documents place in plastic bins. Bins are highly lucrative since they are airtight and you can rest assured that dust and water won’t find its way inside. But you can use cardboard boxes as well. Those are easier to find and they are not expensive while plastic bins are a bit more expensive but a long term investment. You make the choice but do not forget to label moving boxes. It will raise awareness of the content inside.

    Think about storing solutions.

    If you have no space at the moment or for any other reason you can’t move your antiquities with you, think about storing solutions. Renting a storage unit can be a fine choice in this situation. There are many different types and sizes, but what you need here is a climate-controlled storage NJ. It is the best possible way to store fine art without damaging it over time. Such a storage unit is vast, climate-controlled, pest-free, and secured. Communicate this part with your storage unit providers. You must set the adequate temperature not to damage your papers, canvas, or furniture. Also, they will inform you about the cleaning schedules and the alarm/surveillance systems. All you need, for a small price.

    Storage units
    Many storage solutions are useful for your situation.

    How to transport?

    One of the fine art moving mistakes you should avoid is to transport your items yourself. Unless you possess a proper moving vehicle and all the tools for the job, do not attempt this. Moreover, you must be an excellent driver and to know how to move and lift furniture. If you think for a moment, you’ll realize that without professional help this is almost impossible. The best way to transport fine art is to hire art movers NYC. It is a moving team that has the knowledge, experience, and expertise required for the job. The nature and delicacy of your moving project are why you need moving services. And there is no better and safer way to complete this task successfully than to hire a reliable moving company. They have the tools and the know-how to transport your items without any harm. Think about it.

    Should you move your antiquities yourself?

    Another mistake you should avoid is to embark on this journey without some kind of insurance. Movers provide partial moving insurance. But keep in mind that some moving companies will refuse to move high-risk items and items they cant reimburse. So, this would not be the option when moving highly valuable items. Furthermore, if you are moving abroad and you need to ship your items, you should follow the rules and protocols tied to it. It is best to let one of the best international shipping companies NJ to take care of this part. All you need to do is to pay attention to your moving contract and to be sure that you are protected and your items safe.

    Set your mind at ease by purchasing moving insurance.

    You’ll certainly make the final choice. But be sure that you have insurance while transporting your expensive items. And in case of any damages, remember that you have up to a month to make claims against movers. And be sure to inspect all your items as soon as you arrive at your destination.

    Now you are ready and aware of the fine art moving mistakes you should avoid. Be patient and make a proper plan before you start packing. Well-secured cargo is a half job done. Pack like a pro and let the movers help you. Good luck with your relocation. It will be a successful one.