The importance of an interstate moving plan

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    There is no moving project without a carefully laid out moving plan. You must calculate and inspect everything upfront to be sure that your relocation is safe and affordable. Therefore, it is time to create a moving checklist to list down all the steps you must take on this magical journey. Let us show you how to create a perfect interstate moving plan.

    Inspect your new place before you make an interstate moving plan.

    Hopefully, you already know where to move and you managed to choose a moving date. The next step is to visit your new place and inspect everything thoroughly. This way you’ll have a better insight into the whole situation. You can measure everything and figure out where to place your furniture. Also, you will know if you have enough space for everything you possess. Moreover, you will know the overall complexity of your move. Maybe you need to hire some help, or to rent a storage unit, or to use international shipping companies NJ services. And if you are moving long-distance, that is one of the better options. Check out all your options available and contact your movers on time to obtain the best possible moving assistance in the area.

    Your interstate moving plan should include a proper decluttering process
    This is the best time to declutter your living space. Get rid of the old junk.

    Also, be advised that this is the perfect moment to get rid of the hoard. You should downsize before moving and start fresh in your new place. Understandably, we all have items at our home that are no longer in use or we dragged them with us for sentimental reason. Take a look at those items while packing and figure out what to throw away. Or you can donate, sell, gift, or recycle. Whatever suits you best. But do not miss this unique opportunity to clean your home inside out.

    How much it will cost? You must calculate upfront.

    Once you figured out the logistics of your move, you should calculate your moving costs and add everything to your interstate moving plan. Moving to a new state won’t be cheap for sure, but it can be significantly cheaper if your math is right. Hopefully, you have a stretching budget that will give you an advantage when you come across unexpected costs. Although, keep in mind that most of it can be calculated and predicted beforehand. Therefore, take a calculator and add those numbers together. Consider the following:

    • Packing supplies
    • Traveling
    • Labor
    • Moving services

    The last one we mentioned is something to think about. It all depends if you are moving by yourself or enlisting a professional moving company to assist you. If you move by yourself your costs may vary significantly. While if you hire interstate movers NJ, you’ll know exactly how much it will cost you. You can contact your movers to figure out the price of the move. After, you should calculate how much it would cost if you do it all by yourself. After all the hassle, time, money, and unexpected events, you will realize that enlisting moving professionals is the best option. A reliable moving team will cover all your moving needs while you relax and supervise. Or you can even take a holiday and come to your new home with all your items already relocated.

    How will you relocate?

    Now when you calculated your moving costs and figured out that hiring a moving company is the best option, you must know one more thing. A regular moving package includes a couple of workers, a moving truck and a driver. But you can add many other perks to it. In case you need additional moving service NYC you should communicate with your movers. While performing free onsite estimates, your movers will realize what you actually need and present a moving price for it. Also, they will propose a moving service that will greatly benefit you. For example, if you have a piano or extremely valuable art, they will offer specialized teams that will cover it.

    A couple loading car with moving boxes
    Movers possess all the equipment and a proper moving vehicle. Seize the opportunity.

    On the other hand, you can ask for any service you think you need. If your budget can afford it, you can let movers cover the whole process. Movers can pack, relocate, and unpack everything within a day. All safely and affordably. Not to mention that your precious cargo is handled by experts in the moving field and your items are safer than ever. Therefore, think about your options, check out moving services, and figure out what is best for you and add it to your interstate moving plan.

    Get ready for packing!

    The next step is to cover the boring and tiresome packing process. Your interstate moving plan should have a list of moving supplies on it. It is essential to buy enough if you are packing yourself. You do not want to have to run to the store in the middle of packing to buy more materials. Therefore, you should buy it all in one go. Visit your local hardware store and buy at least 20 moving boxes. Obtain different shapes and sizes to cover all your needs. Or you can order everything online, but make sure that the delivery date is way before your moving date. Then, you’ll need packing tape, packing paper, labels, and blister pack.

    A woman packing pottery
    Will you pack by yourself or you’ll enlist professional packing services?

    Use blister packs to make a cushion inside your box. This way you can make a proper nesting ground for your items. Next is to wrap all fragile items individually using packing paper. Once your box is full, close it and apply several layers of packing tape. The last step is to label your box with the content inside which will make your life easier while unpacking. Rinse and repeat until all items are nicely packed. But if you want to skip the whole packing process you might want to check out packing services NJ. As one of the moving services we already mentioned, you can have your items packed, relocated, and unpacked safe and cheap. You won’t have to think about packing materials or moving boxes for a second, and you’ll save a lot of precious time. It is an option you mustn’t forget.

    Include all utilities in your interstate moving plan.

    This is a fairly easy step but it must be done in advance. If you forget it, you might spend a day without water or electricity in your new apartment. Therefore, you must be sure everything is turned on at your new address as well as canceled at your old one. Contact your cell and internet provider, water, electricity, and gas companies. Make sure that all services are enabled and ones that you want to keep transferred adequately. But keep in mind that you’ll need the electricity on a moving day. You’ll surely want to turn on the AC if you are moving on a hot summer day. Give notice that at the end of the month everything should be shut down. Also, ensure that the remaining bills are forwarded to your new address.

    Get your legalities covered on time.

    When it comes to the new address, you must contact all relevant parties and inform them about it. This includes your bank, school, doctor, internet provider, etc. Make sure that all services and personal documents are transferred accordingly. But pay close attention to your medical records, bank documents, and driver license. Because you are moving to a different state, different laws might apply. You should read about it online and be ready for any change that can come your way. So, contact everyone on time and update your address and contact info. And remember that some of the hard copies can take up to a month to transfer. Luckily, most of it can be done online. Make sure you do it all before the moving day.

    There we go, now you know what your interstate moving plan should be made of. Make sure to cover packing, legalities, and to enlist a professional moving service. If you have at least a month before the move, you’ll be fine. Take a moment and create your perfect moving plan. Good luck and we wish you the safest journey possible.