Best neighborhoods in The Bronx NY

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    Relocating to another neighborhood is always an exciting prospect, regardless of which one it is. However, if you really want to have an optimal living experience, you will want to select the neighborhood that is the best for you. It is easy to hire local movers Bronx NY and relocate to another place but it might be difficult choosing that place if the first…well…place. That is why this article is going to detail some of the best neighborhoods in the Bronx NY. We are going to go over what each neighborhood has to offer for a prospective tenant.

    What are the best neighborhoods in The Bronx NY?

    Here is the list of six most desirable neighborhoods in the Bronx:

    • Riverdale
    • Kingsbridge
    • Pelham Bay
    • Fordham
    • Allerton
    • Melrose
    The prices of the apartments in Riverdale are quite affordable.


    Riverdale, first and foremost, offers a quasi-suburban feeling to it. This place has something for everyone, though. There are even single-family houses with spacious lots, among the co-ops and regular apartments. In fact, almost eighty percent of Riverdale’s housing is, in fact, co-op. The prices are quite reasonable when you compare them to Brooklyn and Manhattan. This may make a significant difference when hiring a moving company NY as you will be able to afford more services than normally. All in all, Riverdale’s real estate situation is what makes it so attractive a neighborhood. You can’t really go wrong there.

    Aside from the prices, this area features a lot of greenery and rolling hills. It houses the Van Cortland Park, which is the 3rd largest in the entire city. There is also the Wave Hill, a place that is universally loved among the residents of Riverdale.

    There are also plenty of supermarkets, namely the Garden Gourmet Market, which rivals Fairway in many aspects. Not that Fairway is much further down the road, either.


    But if you are looking for a budget solution, go a bit south of Riverdale. There you will find the hilly neighborhood of Kingsbridge. This neighborhood features distinctive stairways that run up the hill, providing a striking visual. There is also the Kingsbridge Armory for all your castle lovers.

    As for the real estate situation, there are plenty of mid-rise apartments for you to look at, alongside single-family homes and three-family buildings. This provides you with a lot less dense feeling than in other areas. It also provides a feeling of exclusivity. Most people that are coming in are in their 20s or 30s, drawn by the low-priced housing options. However, if you want to live in an urban area, you can always rent an apartment in NYC. But, living close to NYC and renting out an affordable and comfortable apartment is not a bad idea either!

    To be completely fair, other than the budget prices and its unique visual identity, Kingsbridge does not have anything else going for it. Most of the other neighborhoods offer more than it. But do note that you are still in the Bronx and thus not far away from amenities in the other neighborhoods.

    Most of the people who are moving to Kingsbridge are in their 20s and 30s!

    One of the best neighborhoods in The Bronx NY – Pelham Bay

    This neighborhood got its name from the Pelham Bay Park, the largest public park in the entire NYC. This massive green space encompasses 2,772 acres and is located in the northeast of the Bronx, all the way on the edge. The park itself is immensely popular and there are people from all around the city that come to visit.

    As for the neighborhood itself, there is a mix of architecture that is quite unique. It blends suburban and urban. You can find brick and wood-frame housing on street sides and you can also find multifamily homes that are urban and modern.

    But the really interesting thing about this neighborhood comes from its diversity. Many immigrants chose to settle in this neighborhood, creating a truly diverse atmosphere. If one was to describe Pelham Bay in a sentence, it would be: “Bronx-flavored suburbia with a beautiful and wonderful diversity”.


    The main draw of Fordham is its Fordham University. Many of the residents are in fact renting a place out here, primarily students. The neighborhood is close to some of the more popular destinations in the city, such as the Bronx Zoo, The New York Botanical Garden, as well as Little Italy. There are also a lot of other things to do in New York. Students love Fordham! A quiet and peaceful place where they can study and prepare for their exams. At the same time, they are close to the capital city that they can explore and enjoy when they are free.

    The area has drawn a lot more interest in recent years. Many buildings are undergoing a renovation process to accommodate new tenants. Mostly, these are pre-war buildings that have been there for a long time. Fordham University is constantly expanding and that creates a need for more residential areas.

    The neighborhood itself is another one that features great diversity. Some of the main attractions that you can find nearby are Arthur Avenue (which is referred to NYC’s “real” Little Italy), and the Pizza Festival which is the only one of its kind.

    You will see a lot of students in Fordham.

    Allerton – Best neighborhoods in The Bronx NY to move to

    North of Waring Avenue and south of East Gun Hill Road lies Allerton. This area has long gone “under the radar”, so to speak. The place has a quiet, residential, vibe to it due to its brick rowhouses. There is nothing really special about Allerton that you can put your finger on. Yes, there’s the Botanical Garden and the Bronx Zoo nearby but that is about it.

    However, the housing options here are quite good and well worth your time checking. Also, the community is really quiet and keeps to itself, most of the time.


    Last, but definitely not the least, Melrose combines affordability, accessibility, and authenticity into one powerful package. This is the unofficial downtown of the Bronx, according to many. The transportation options are perhaps one of the best in the entire city.

    There are thousands of housing opportunities, many affordable, but there are not many vacant lots left. This means that future development is a bit stymied. The area has that “village feel” to it, where everybody knows everybody. It is steadily growing, however, even today.

    But the proverbial cherry on the top is its fabulous transportation options. It takes only 10 minutes to reach 96th and Broadway by subway, for example. The area is extremely well connected and this is why it is one of the best neighborhoods in the Bronx NY.