How to organize your commercial move

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    It is time to relocate your business. It is a huge step we all must take in order to expand and seize the opportunities business market offers. But to conduct commercial move, you must organize flawlessly to ensure minimal budget loss and to keep the flow of the business intact. Therefore, let us organize your commercial move and provide a few valuable tips you can use on the way.

    How much time you have?

    Your moving preparations are influenced greatly by the time you have. Usually, the bigger the business, the more time you must invest. Hence, start with a moving checklist that will cover all stages you must go through. Also, you’ll need an inventory list. Each department should have one, so all employees can write down the inventory and all the requirements they might have. Someone from the upper management should do this and pass along accordingly. Hopefully, you’ll have at least 3 months ahead, but keep in mind that bigger firms and corporations should organize at least six months in advance.

    Black and white alarm clock on a desk
    Time is of the essence. Make sure you organize everything months in advance.

    Moreover, whoever is in charge of the organization should also cover the search for a moving company. If that is you, only you should contact commercial movers Manhattan to ensure that all moving services are in place. Also, you will be able to communicate all the details of your moving project and make sure that nothing is left out. And of course, you will handle the moving contract along with onsite estimates and billings.

    Do you have all plans in place?

    Yes, to work on the logistics you must make more than one plan. Of course, the main topic is how to pack, find a moving company, and relocate. But you must think about your new office as well. You must have a detailed plan and the layout of each floor in the building. All the infrastructure, plumbing, utilities, lunch areas, bathrooms, etc. You must coordinate everything in a way to suit all your employees. Most importantly, to keep your business running unobstructed. You probably know this, but the electricity, the internet, and all your equipment should be up and running the same day you relocate. And to prepare for most of it, you must communicate with the facility manager in advance. Do this well in advance so you can coordinate the whole process more efficiently.

    Organize your commercial move much better with task assignments.

    From the beginning, you must realize that you can’t do everything yourself. As we mentioned before, the best way to cover everything is to split into several groups and assign tasks. Keep the main topics among your trusted workers and team leaders while smaller tasks can be assigned to any of your colleagues. For example, each employee can pack their belongings and clean out their personal space. For all other public spaces, you should appoint maintenance, cleaning, and packing crews. Someone must think about those plants as well. And of course, a few people that will handle all the IT equipment and prepare items for storage. You’ll probably want to drop off the unused equipment to the storage or straight to the recycling facility.

    You will better organize your commercial move with task assignments
    Task assignment will significantly improve your moving plan efficiency.

    So, start with an email where you’ll inform everyone about the move and all the details of it. Ask politely for volunteers and give it some time for a response. Than make teams and appoint tasks. And make sure there is a weekly/monthly report so you can stay up to date with your moving schedule. organize your commercial move and help your colleagues help you execute all your carefully assembled plans.

    Do you have a stretching budget to cover everything?

    Once you figure out the plan and the logistics, you should be able to determine the cost of your relocation. You’ll need to take into account the packing, packing materials, working hours and labor, moving vehicles, etc. The best way to find out the exact moving cost is to let your movers conduct free onsite estimates. When your movers inspect your cargo and your moving plan, they’ll know which moving service NYC will work the best. Not only that you’ll prepare your budget appropriately, but you’ll realize where you can improve as well. Movers make everything twice easier with the knowledge, expertise, and experience they bring to the table.

    Calculator and a notepad next to a pile of US dollars
    Calculate your moving costs and prepare your budget adequately. Do not leave any room for mistakes.

    But make sure to compare moving companies and moving prices before you decide to hire one. Ensure that your movers are licensed and that they possess all the tools required. This way you’ll know that you are conducting business with a legit moving team. Organize your commercial move with zero chance for an unpleasant situation.

    Organize your commercial move and hire a reliable moving company.

    When it comes to a moving company, the possibilities are endless. We suggest finding your movers online or better yet, through the word of mouth. Whatever is the case, you should know that there are many companies specialized in commercial moves. With a bit of research, you’ll find one that will cover all your needs. Make sure to pick professional movers Manhattan that possess all the equipment necessary for such a serious move. This is not your home you are moving, but a business, and your equipment, time, money, and employees matter. Let the professional movers cover it all, safely and affordably.

    Ensure legalities are covered.

    organize your commercial move

    Moving a business entails a lot of paperwork, documents, and legalities. Make sure to cover it all on time. The more employees you have, the more diverse and complicated task is. Therefore, gather everything you need and start transferring hard copies over. Make sure that boxes you carry your papers in, are tightly sealed and if possible, waterproof. Don’t forget the following:

    • Utility bills, agreements, services, and contracts tied to it.
    • All your moving documents as well as moving contract with a moving quote.
    • Hard copies of all documents tied to your business.
    • Yours and your employee’s personal documents.
    • Documents, papers, and services tied to your vendors and partners.

    And now you are ready to organize your commercial move. It shouldn’t be too hard if you begin your moving preparations on time. Make sure that your business is not jeopardized and that your employees are organized, up to date, and safe. We are sure you’ll have a successful relocation on your hands. Good luck.