How to compare moving companies

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    One of the most important things when moving is, of course, hiring the best possible moving company. In the vast sea of relocation companies, it is hard to know which company to choose. It takes a lot of time and energy, but once you make a choice you feel comfortable with, things will turn for the better. If by any chance you own a piano, then you cannot just hire anyone. You must choose among piano movers NJ has on its list. Companies that handle large instrument moving and international relocations are the ones to look at. There are a few ways to compare moving companies, and we will help you figure out what those are.

    First steps in choosing the moving company

    We strongly suggest that you first check with your friends, neighbors, or colleagues if they can recommend a moving company. Such recommendations can be more valuable than online reviews. If you know well the person who suggested the company, you should be able to tell if the recommendation is valid. After this, you should, of course, hit the internet and check legitimate websites such as  Yelp or Better Business Bureau for accredited companies. This is a really good way for you to compare moving companies. Other than online ratings (usually reflected in the number of stars) check the written reviews as well.

    Browsing as a way to compare moving companies
    Internet will be your best friend in order to find a company with the best reviews

    Comparing moving companies’ quotes

    The majority of moving companies can provide quotes online via email or their official websites. This is not good enough if you want to know the exact amount of money this relocation will cost you. To compare moving companies properly, you need to ask for in-home surveys. That is the best way to get an accurate estimate. Movers will be able to see the real number of things you plan to move. Also, they will want to know if you have any large pieces of furniture or musical instruments that need special attention. Everything that is fragile and breakable, will require special packing. Important factors you need to consider are the existence of an elevator, accessible doorways, and hallways.

    How to compare moving companies’ services

    You might get an impulse to go towards the lowest bid but think twice. First of all, if a certain estimate is too low, you need to find out why is it so. It is either a fraud or something has simply not been included in the estimate. In order to choose wisely and make a good comparison of the moving companies check the estimate document carefully. What you need to know is if you will be provided with insurance in case anything happens to your things. Another thing is to find out what services will be included in the price. Some of them will go without saying and some might be extra charged if it happens they are needed. For example, having a climate controlled storage NJ movers can offer, is not something you will find on the list of services included in the price.

    A piggy bank
    Don’t go after the lowest offer no matter how much money you are trying to spare

    Additional advice on comparing moving companies

    When you take all of the above things into consideration, there are several moving companies left on your list. How to choose, you wonder? This is where you will need to lean on your detective skills, but also your inner feelings and instincts. Below is a list of questions you could ask yourself in order to more easily come to a decision:

    • How quick and responsive were the movers after the initial contact?
    • Have they answered all your queries in a satisfactory manner?
    • Were the movers willing to offer a discount or a competitive moving price?
    • Have the movers offered you insurance?
    • Have they offered you additional services without any financial compensation?