How to spot a lowball estimate from movers

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    Moving is complicated, exhausting, and generally not so enjoyable experience. However, it is also one more thing. It is, generally speaking, expensive. Therefore, we all seek help in order to make this process simpler, easier, and a little bit more enjoyable. On the other hand, however, when we try to make it more affordable, sometimes mistakes occur. With so much moving companies around, one can easily encounter a rogue mover that is willing to throw you a lowball estimate. These estimates are completely unrealistic and are meant to lure you with the false sense of security, just to slap you with the real price at the end of the move, completely exceeding your budget. To combat this, you should learn how to spot a lowball estimate from movers!

    Cost and fees

    Ok, so first, off, the easiest way to spot a lowball estimate from movers from International shipping companies in New York is to notice that the company simply does not have any consideration for anything to your move. If they simply put an estimate based on a phone call, it is definitely unrealistic. And, if its, in addition, a low offer, then they are definitely trying to lowball you into a relocation only to change the tune after the contract is signed.

    The idea behind this is that making an estimate without having input on exactly what needs to be moved is literary impossible. The main part of any formula for a move is the possesions that you need to be moved. Therefore, not taking them into account literary makes no sense.

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    Budget issues are pretty important

    Therefore spotting a lowball estimate from movers can be done when simply noticing that they are not asking about your stuff at all. And don’t even get us started on the cost and fees they will produce that will be added to the lowball offer.

    Moving companies that are looking to trick you (some openly illegally, mind you) will try to completely omit information on the services they will provide (without asking) and they will make you pay. All of this without informing you. This is outrageous and completely unacceptable behaviors, of course. If you see this red flag, run.

    Not taking in circumstances of your move

    Furthermore, it is not only your stuff that interstate movers NJ should show interest in while giving you a bid. A realistic bid should also take into account the circumstances of your relocation. You can easily spot a lowball estimate from movers by noticing that movers don’t give to much attention towards factors in your move.

    No moves are exactly the same. Even if the distance and tonnage are similar, there are other factors. One might be an office relocation while the other one is residential. One might be first-floor access, while they have to use elevators or stairs for the other. A move might be in need of special services like piano relocation, appliance installation, and even carpentry. Others still might be straightforward and include nothing but packing.

    If you see that the offer of your mover is way too low, ask them if some additional services you will need will affect the price. If they are not straightforward with the answer, or straight up tell you that it doesn’t matter, they are most certainly lying to you and trying to low-ball you.


    Another thing you can be sporting a lowball estimate by is the fact that most legitimate international shipping companies NJ will offer any non-biding offers. Those, especially, if they want you to sign a contract based on them, are definitely bad news. Unrealistic, lowball estimates often take the form of non-binding offers. That way, these rouge movers avoid the responsibility of sticking to the deal.

    In reality, licensed movers are bound by 110%. This that they cant go much higher than their bid, but many will try to ignore this.

    The best way to be sure that the too good to be the true price is actually, well, true, is to get it in writing as an abiding estimate (or binding not to go over a certain price estimate). That way, you might be looking at a surprisingly affordable deal that you can actually trust.

    Spot a lowball estimate from movers by comparison with other movers

    One great way to know if the price for your movers to pack and move electronics is realistic is to offer your move to a few moving companies. They will all make estimates.

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    Be on the lookout!

    That way you can determine what estimates are realistic, and have a baseline for dealing with low-ball offers.

    Check reviews and make sure you deal with a legitimate company

    A big part of knowing to spot a lowball estimate from movers is to know exactly what kind of movers they are. Now, we already talked about their license by AAA association or any other big association, but we haven’t talked about licensed companies that just don’t seem to do their job right.

    picking out a star
    Reviews are a very important tool in order to know what kind of company you are dealing with

    Best way to know if the company is even worth your time is to read the reviews. Reviews, which you can find on various platforms, are an indisposable tool. They will help you determine the real value of the moving company that is bidding for your move.

    Remember, a moving company should be:

    • Licensed. Being a legitimate, legal company with all the protection and responsibility that entails.
    • Experienced. A company that knows how to do their job and has been doing it for some time.
    • Well reviewed. A company with a good reputation. After all, if you see that everybody is saying they have hidden costs, you will not even need to spot a lowball estimate from movers to know that you should avoid them.

    In conclusion

    We hope that this guide on how to spot a lowball estimate from movers will be of use to you. Just remember to be on guard and always research a little bit about movers and other offers. Once you have a baseline and know what red flags to look for, you are set!